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Top 5 Reason to Stay in a Disney World Value Resort

Disney World Value Resorts: My family and I have stayed at every level of Disney resort: Deluxe, Moderate, and Value. Although each level is great, we keep going back to the Values. And there are a few reasons for that! But before we dive on into those reasons, below I will list the review articles that I have (so far) written about the Value Resort-

  1. All-Star Movies
  2. All-Star Music
  3. All-Star Sports

Okay, let’s dive into this post and see what makes these resorts so great!

1. The Disney Feel

Value Resort
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Out of every resort we have stayed at, the Value Resorts stand out with that Disney feel. Don’t get me wrong, all other resorts have that special Disney touch! But once you see the Value Resorts, you will know what I mean! They have larger than life characters, fun colors, and a lively attitude. When walking into a Value Resort, you will know that you are in Disney World.

2. Does Not Feel Like a Budget Hotel

Nicole Ellington

Lots of the time I will hear people say that they do not want to stay at the Value Resorts because they do not want to stay at a budget hotel. But Disney Values Resorts feel far from that! Especially with the new and updated rooms that they are currently rolling out. The updated rooms have a clean, streamline feel to them. They are comfortable and fairly roomy. The Value Resort rooms are smaller than the average Moderate or Deluxe rooms, but they do a good job using their space nicely.

3. Family Friendly

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Although anyone can stay at a Value Resort, these resorts are ideal for families with kids! (My husband and I have stayed at the All-Star Music once on a kid-free trip). Kids will love the constant activities that are going on around to what seems like 24/7! They are very lively resorts filled with fun! Your kids will for sure love to stay there. They might never want to leave! My son personally LOVES all of the pools at the Value Resorts. They are great!

4.The Food

Nicole Ellington

I know what you are thinking…. this one shocked me a little bit at first too! But the food at the Value Resorts is actually really good! And they have a pretty decent variety! My son has food allergies and the world’s pickiest eater- and even he was able to have amazing meals at any of the value resorts! For me, I prefer something more than just pizza and a hot dog. I am not picky, but I am not a fast-food type gal. Every Value Resort we have stayed at, I was pleasantly surprised by the type of food and the quality of the food. Yummy!

5. The Price of the Disney World Value Resorts

Nicole Ellington

To be 100% honest with you: the main reason we stay at the Value Resorts so often is the price. We LOVE Disney World and want to go as much as possible. And in order to do that, we need to budget our money wisely to make our dreams a reality. And the Value Resorts really are a great value. If you go at off times, chances are you will be surprised with how low the price per night can be, especially with all the perks of staying on Disney property.

Have you ever stayed at one of the Disney World Value Resorts? If not, would you stay there? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below! You can always tag me in a photo of your Disney vacation at @DisneyDreamCo on Instagram. I would love to see how you vacation!

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