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Disney’s Riviera Resort: Top 4 Reasons to Visit

You don’t have to stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort to enjoy it. There are plenty of reasons to visit the resort after it opens December 16. Here are my top four.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast
Character dining is a great way to have one-on-one quality interactions with your favorites. Topolino’s features Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy – a real powerhouse combo of characters. All four represent different arts. Mickey is a painter, Minnie is a writer, Donald is a sculptor and Daisy is a dancer. And they all ham it up, playing their parts so well.

Much like Tusker House at Animal Kingdom and Chef Mickey at the Contemporary Resort, this breakfast includes a restaurant-wide celebration. What sets this experience apart from others is that it has multiple celebrations. There is an all-encompassing one, involving all characters who help you celebrate whatever you’ve got going on (birthday, anniversary, etc). Then, throughout the meal, announcements play over the restaurant speakers to highlight each individual character. This includes a little backstory and usually results in the crowd clapping and cheering for the character. It’s a great way to let kids (or adults!) release a little energy.

Greg @ThatParkLifePodcast

Oh, and the food is delicious.

Disney Artwork & Hidden Characters
Every main hallway I walked in Riviera Resort had something to look at. You could probably make a game out of it: how many things can you find? We’re talking pieces of art that feature Disney princess. You’ll find movie posters with the titles in French. If you stop by the elevators, look down at the carpet and see how many characters you can find. In general, the carpeting throughout the resort is rife with Mickeys and Minnies. The more observant members of your party will even find hidden Mickeys on certain poles outside.

There is one pair of murals that really steal the show at Riviera. The walkway to Disney’s Skyliner includes a hallway with arched walls that features two murals. These beautiful works of art decorate the walls on both sides of the tunnel, merging at the ceiling. They feature artwork inspired by the animated films ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Tangled’. The murals are a must-see, day or night. And, they’re great backdrops for photos!

Greg @ThatParkLifePodcast

Play a Game
Disney’s Riviera Resort is inspired by the European Riviera, mainly Italy and France. So, naturally, they included a Bocce court in the courtyard of the resort. If you or your family members have never played, now’s a great time to learn.

If chess is more your game, there is an over-sized Chess board right there too.

Greg @ThatParkLifePodcast

If neither of these games tickles your fancy, just head back to the lobby and grab a pastry from “Le Petite Cafe.” Eating can be a fun game too!

It’s Beautiful
The resort property is beautiful and it deserves to be seen. The landscapes, the views, the greens, everything. You’ve got to see it for yourself!

Greg @ThatParkLifePodcast
Greg @ThatParkLifePodcast

For a full review of my recent stay at this resort, check out the latest episode of That Park Life Podcast entitled “Bonus: Riviera Resort Full Review

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Greg is a Disney local who visits the parks as often as possible. He also has a Podcast called That Park Life Podcast.


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