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Pirate Room Review at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney World

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort: Did you know that Disney World has resort rooms that are Pirate-themed?!? This can truly be a one-of-a-kind experience for any pirate-loving fan. But, is staying at one of these ultra-themed rooms worth the price? In this article, we will go over the good, the bad, and all other facts that you need to know to see if these themed rooms are the right fit for you.

*Updated November 13th, 2022. Disney announced earlier this year that that will be renovating the Pirate-themed rooms. An official statement from Disney says-

“In an effort to continually enhance the guest experience, some of the resort rooms in the Trinidad area of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will be receiving a brand-new look and feel. These new rooms, which will include subtle nods to fan-favorite characters from under the sea, will accommodate more guests and feature updated finishings that can’t be found anywhere else at the resort.

As we prepare these new rooms, guests will be able to see and hear refurbishment work in and around Trinidad beginning October 3. We look forward to welcoming guests into these new rooms in 2023.”

First, the facts-

Price of the Pirate Rooms at the Caribean Beach Resort:

Not all rooms at the Caribbean Beach resort are Pirate themed. Like anything with Disney, if you want something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, you will have to pay. The photo below is a screenshot of the prices per night at the Caribbean Beach Resort during the last week of August 2021.

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort Prices

As you can see, the Pirate-themed rooms are more expensive than most of the other rooms at the Caribean Beach resort (except for the Preferred rooms). The prices will change throughout the year, but typically these rooms will always be more than the typical rooms at the Caribean Beach Resort.

To check out current prices, click here to head to the Disney World website.

Location of the Pirate Rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort:

Caribbean Beach Resort is broken up into six sections- Aruba, Jamacia, Martinique, Old Port Royal, Barbados, and Trinidad. All of the Pirate Rooms are located in the Trinidad section of this resort. The negative: This section is pretty far from the main area of the resort—which is Old Port Royale. If you want to get to the main area for any reason, you will have a pretty far walk. The positive: Trinidad is just a short walk to the Disney Skyliner. This will make going to Epcot or Hollywood Studios very convenient. Below is a map of the resort so you can take a look for yourself and get the lay of the land.

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort Map

In the Trinidad section, you will also get a small quick-service restaurant called Spyglass Grill. While we were there this past January, Spyglass Grill was not open. I am assuming it is because of COVID, so if you book here, be aware of that. Trinidad also has a small pool. If you don’t feel like walking over to the main pool, or would just prefer a more relaxing experience, then this pool will be perfect for you.

Inside the Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort:

Now, here is the part you have all been waiting for… what the Pirate room actually looks like and contains! First off is the main event- The Pirate ship beds! There are two of them in each room. Although these beds look super cool, they are on the small side- two double beds.

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort, pirate beds
Nicole Ellington

Please don’t mind the messy beds. We were so excited to stay in these rooms that I forgot to take pictures when we got there, and only remembered to take some photos once we were in a rush to leave! Oops!

There are also tons of Pirate details in this room! From the paintings on the walls, to the treasure chest that holds your luggage, to the compass on the table… there are just so many pirate details!

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort, storage and decoration
Nicole Ellington

There are a few downfalls to this room. First, there seems to be a lack of storage here. If you are staying he for more than a few days and are bringing a few bags on your vacation, this might become an issue. There really aren’t too many places to store things.

Another thing about this room that I wish they would change is that there is only a curtain from the bedroom to the sink area. This can be an issue if someone is still sleeping while others are getting ready for the day, This curtain does not really stop light and sound from passing through.

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort
Nicole Ellington

So, should you stay at the Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

Short answer-yes, but with some caveats. For me, personally, we will only stay in the Pirate rooms again for a short trip. My son absolutely LOVED the theming! He says it’s one of his favorite rooms in all of Walt Disney World, and we have stayed in a lot of rooms. I did love the closeness to the Skyliner. This section is also pretty quiet because of how far back it is from the rest of the resort, so it is pretty relaxing after a long day at the park.

Pirate Rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort
Nicole Ellington

For me, I just didn’t love the lack of storage and being so far away from the main area. We will for sure go back, but maybe only for a night or two, and then move to the main area of the resort.

So if you have a Pirate fan in your life, I say this is a must-do at least once! It really is a great experience! Just be prepared for those few shortcomings, and you will be all set.

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