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Disney Bedtime Hotline is Back!

Disney Bedtime Hotline: Last Fall, Disney released a Bedtime Hotline service to help those kiddos get to bed! It was only around for a very limited time. Well, good news! Today, Disney has released it again!

Disney Bedtime Hotline

For a limited time, you can call 877-7-MICKEY for a special bedtime message from Mickey Mouse or one of his very best friends!. The hotline is available starting April 17 through midnight (Pacific time) on April 30. SO this is a very limited timeline! There is a limit of 1 message per call, and you do need to make some selections when you call in before handing over the phone to your little one. But you can make as many calls as you want!

Disney also has this incredibly cute printable sleep progress chart! Your kids will have so much fun going to bed now!

Disney Bedtime Hotline

Click here to download it!

Will you and your kids be participating in it? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this on Facebook to let your other Disney friends know!

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