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Top 10 Rides That You Won’t Mind Waiting in the Queue

Disney World Queues: At Disney World, lines tend to be LONG. So long, that when you see a 60-minute wait time for Flight of Passage, you automatically think that that’s a short amount of time. Disney World also has implemented a system called FastPass +. But sometimes, there aren’t any Fastpassaes available for that ride. Never fear! Disney has made (for many of their rides) standing in line just as fun as riding the attraction! Okay, maybe not as fun, but you get the point. Here is the list of the top 7 best ones in no particular order.

Dumbo– Magic Kingdom

Nicole Ellington

Okay, I am starting with one that might now work for everyone. But if you have young kids, they might like waiting for the Dumbo ride then actually riding it! I know my son is one of those kids! Disney has come up with a GENIUS way to keep those kiddos entertained…. by building a playground in the queue! So here is how it works. Once you get in line and get to the playground, a Castmember will hand you a beeper looking thing. That beeper will hold your place in line while the kiddos can run around and play! Once the beeper goes off, then you head back over to the castmember, hand back the beeper, and your ride on Dumbo is now only a few minutes away. So if you have young children and see that Dumbo has a 40+ minute wait, don’t be afraid to go on in!

If you would like to check out other great places around Disney World for the kids to run around, click here!

Expedition Everest– Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest

Talk about immersive! If you really want to feel like you are off to find a Yeti, maybe don’t Fastpass this ride and wait in Standby. The queue is incredible! Disney true makes you feel like you are walking through the Himalayas and right into a museum. With thousands of artifacts to discover, you will feel like you aren’t in Disney World anymore.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror– Hollywood Studios

Nicole Ellington

The Standby line for this is like no other! They truly make you feel like you are in a dusty, old hotel from back in the day. I actually did a little research, and wondered how they made it look so abandoned with all of those spider webs. Is it really that dirty and just left to the elements? Well actually, they make the spider webs from glue guns! And they actually have to re-do it pretty often because the glue gun string doesn’t last all that long. Pretty interesting!

Flight of Passage– Animal Kingdom

Nicole Ellington

I personally believe that Flight of Passage is one of Disney Word’s best rides in all of the parks. The technology is just so advance! And they definitely didn’t forget about the queue. The first half of the standby line is outside, so this might be a little rough on a hot day. But you truly do get amazing views of Pandora! Once you are inside, you will get to go through a lab! It’s pretty incredible! I honestly Fastpass this ride anytime I can because the wait is usually extremely long. But if you can’t snag one, then waiting in the standby line will still be entertaining.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Epcot


Now, this might not be the most interactive line, but I do love it. This is probably my favorite Disney World queues! Every time I walk it, I just want to take a nap because it just feels so relaxing! It’s dark, cool, and the music plus the sounds of the waves make it so peaceful! The line here is usually not extremely long, so take advantage of this queue if you need time to just relax and get out of the heat.

Test Track– Epcot


Usually, going in the Fastpass line vs the Standby line doesn’t affect your riding experience. But Test Track is different! If you go to the Standby line, you can actually make your own ‘virtual’ car! Once you created that car, then you can test it out on Test Track and see how it fares. It’s pretty fun!

Are there any Disney World queues that you like to wait in the Standby line? Let me know in the comments down below! Also, tag in in any photos at DinseyDreamCo on Twitter or on Instagram!

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