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Disney Skyliner Review

Disney Skyliner: I remember the days when Fantasyland and Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom were connected via a gondola system. So, yes, I was pretty excited to relive that feeling in an updated, modern cabin high above Disney property.


Everyone has been asking me about the temperature and stuffiness of the cabin. I am happy to report that my trip was breezy. There are plenty of air streams entering the gondola. One side features three long windows at the top. The other side also has a window at the top but contains an opening below the bench as well. All of these openings in combination with the brisk movement of the gondola make for non-stuffy ride.

The cabin’s capacity is 10 adults or 6 adults with a wheelchair or scooter in there. At the Hollywood Studios station, there’s an area set aside for loading and unloading guests in wheelchairs or scooters. This allows passengers to load and unload at a comfortable speed.


The units remain moving at the stations. Parties with strollers will need to push them into the cabin while it’s moving. Don’t panic – the gondolas move very slowly. Slower than most continuously moving attractions in the parks (think slower than Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, etc).

Each cabin is equipped with a loud speaker and a “call for help” box. The friendly female announcer comes on at several points throughout the journey. She refers to the trip as the “happiest flight on earth.” And she also lovingly refers to the turning station at the Boardwalk Inn as a “scenic spin.” It may not trigger your motion sickness, but it is not the smoothest turn. If you’re wondering how the speaker and help box are powered, as the Skyliner unit enters the station it receives a charge from the base. It’s a brief charge, for sure, but it gets the job done.

The views from the Skyliner are amazing. Flying over the Caribbean Beach resort is particularly fun. The colors of the resort are bright and tropical, as you may know, and the aerial view adds to it. You get unique views of the World Showcase at Epcot as you approach the International Gateway. The France pavilion is currently under refurbishment, as the new Ratatouille attraction and French restaurants are being built. The Skyliner offers a great vantage point to see the progress.

If you’re comfortable with heights and minimal swaying in the sky, you’re going to love your flights aboard the Disney Skyliner!

Disney Dream Co. thanks Greg for his great review! To hear more of Greg’s reviews, check out his Podcast at That Park Life Podcast

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Greg is a Disney local who visits the parks as often as possible. He also has a Podcast called That Park Life Podcast.


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