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Ways to save on your Disney Vacation

Ways to Save Money on your Disney Vacation: We all love visiting our favorite mouse, but it can be expensive. Here at the Drennon house I am in charge of planning our trips (because I love it) and finding all the deals and coupons to make my plans happen. I am going to share just a few of my favorite, easy ways to save some money when it comes to planning a vacation in my favorite place.

Disney gift card


You can save 5% on Disney gift cards with your Target red card (credit or debit card), and you can purchase the cards in-store or online. Boom.

How easy is that? I prefer email delivery because they are easier to combine online (and this is the greener option). I have also had the misfortune of the envelope arriving without a gift card inside. Email Delivery of a gift card from Target usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

What if you don’t have a Target Card?

Bjs/ Sams Club/ Costco

These club stores often have deals on Disney Gift cards ranging from 4-10% off. Bonus – you can purchase online gift cards from even if you are not a member. Keep an eye out for the occasional sale on gift cards. Check out my post on saving via Sams Club here.

Nicole Ellington

You can purchase gift cards being sold by other people at a discount.  (Have you ever had a gift card you know you were never going to use?) This site offers gift cards for Disney (they go fast), airlines,Starbucks and even gas stations.  If you can plan ahead you can bank those savings for your next trip, or save money on airline tickets. is also a great place to purchase discounted gift cards for Landry’s restaurants (Yak and Yeti, Rainforest Café, and T Rex Cafe).  If you love this family of restaurants (more available outside of Disney and Orlando), consider joining the Landry’s select club. For a $25 enrollment fee, you are given a $25 welcome credit and a $25 credit during your birthday month.  You also earn points towards more credits for each dollar you spend.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Now, what do you do with the $500 of Disney gift cards you have purchased at a discount? Combine them into one, two, or three larger gift cards at Most vacation planners will take gift cards to pay towards your vacation. Be kind, and combine the gift cards so they don’t have to enter 25 $25 gift card codes. Alternatively, save them and use them for food, drinks, or souvenirs at the parks. If you are staying on Disney property you can make purchases with your MagicBand during the day and swipe your gift card at the front desk at the end of the day to pay off your balance. (Remember to apply the gift card no later than the night before you check out before the credit card you have on file is charged.) Gift cards can also be used to book hotels directly through the Disney website and can even be used to sign up for RunDisney events.

Ways to Save Money on your Disney Vacation: Would you like to hear more ways to save money for your Disney trips? What are your favorite ways to save some cash towards your next Disney adventure? Leave me some comments below. I am always on the lookout for a great deal.

Thanks to Nicole for the use of her pictures in this article!

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Ways to Save Money on your Disney Vacation

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