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How to save 30% on your next Disney Vacation

I am going to tell you about a trick I have learned to purchase Disney Gift Cards at 30% off or more. This is the best way I have to save money on your Disney Vacation. Everything is more exprenise these days and a Disney Vacation is no exception. If you are anything like me I am always trying to stretch my families dollar just a bit farther. 

Stick with me here. I am going to share a few levels of stacking deals to get Disney gift cards at the steepest discount I can find. A friend once told me this is the “extreme sports” of saving money.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Level 1

Here is the simplest level to save money on your Disney vacation.  Download the Capital One Shopping Portal on your browser. You do not have to have a credit card to use this shopping portal it is free for everyone. However, if you do have a Capital One Card most purchase related to Disney code as travel and can be wiped out with points earned on this card.  When you use this shopping portal you an receive cash back on purchases you have made. You can withdraw this cash back in the form of a variety of gift cards. I chose Home Depot and Walmart because I will use those for shopping anyway, 

Go to Sams Club. If you are not a member I would encourage you to join. If you want a way to save money on a membership send me a message or keep reading to level 3.  Sams club sells $500 Disney gift cards for $485 ( and other denominations). Add a Disney Gift Card to your cart but don’t check out. Within a few days I was sent an email with a targeted offer for 30% off a Disney Gift Card purchase from Sams.  For those of you that are good at math that means I was able to buy a $500 Disney Gift card for $485 Dollars and received $145.49 Dollars back from Capital One Shopping. That brings the cost of the $500 gift card to $339.51.

Capital One Shopping Portal, Disney Gift Card, Save on disney vacation

This deal stayed in my offers for a few months before it expired and I have tried to trigger it again without luck. I did buy gift cards several times because we are planning a big trip. My advice would be to stock up if you can. Not sure if I will get this offer again. 

Level 2 

Update 3/2024 do not use the Dropp app. It is no longer easy to redeem for gifts cards. I no longer can recommend this step!

Stack this offer with the Dropp app. You have to add your credit card information to this app. I have done so for about six months with no issues. But this is up to your comfort level. When you make a purchase with a linked card you wil also earn money back in the Dropp app. I have seen Sam’s Club any where from 10 points to 80 points per dollar spent at Sam’s Club. Meaning on $485 you could earn an additional $4.85 back on the low end to $38.80 Back on the high end. Let’s say you got lucky and purchased on the high end. That would mean your $500 Disney Gift Card was essentially $300 after all the stacks. That’s a pretty good savings! Now with Dropp you also have to cash out for gift cards.  You can chose from Walmart, Target, Amazon, Uber etc. 

If you sign up for the Dropp app and use my link we both get a bonus! 

Level 3

If you dont have a Sam’s Membership check out some deals via different shopping portals to save when oyu join. You can look at Capital One Shopping Portal since you downloaded that already. You can also look for deal in other shopping portals including American Airlines or a website like Swagbucks.com. At the time I am writing this you can get 50% back on your Sam’s membership with Swagbucks. Consider using my link or a friends link to get a bonus for yourself and me for signing up. 

Make sure that when you make your purchase at Sam’s you only have the Capital one Shopping Portal activated. Only one shopping portal at a time can be active.

What is your favorite way to save money on a Disney vacation? Did you know you can combine Disney gift cards toget via the Disney Gift Card website? These gift cards can be used for resort stays, Disney Cruise line, tickets and food and drinks when visiting the parks.  

Save on disney vacation

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