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Festival of the Arts Fun

The Festival of the Arts is one of Epcot’s shorter festivals and maybe less attended as well. The Festival includes wonderful works of art for purchase and on display throughout the park. I am going to share some no cost Festival of the Arts fun that you should be sure not to miss. The Festival runs through February 24th, 2020.

Chalk Drawing

Festival of the Arts,

There is a small area between the Land Pavillion and the Seas. Here your little ones can make their own chalk creations with buckets full of chalk pieces at their disposal. This is a nice out of the way spot with some benches for the parents. But a word to the wise, this area when not in use during the festival of the arts is the home of many a Disney duck. Be careful where you and your littles rest your hands and bottoms.

Paint by Number

Paint by number

You also have the opportunity to paint by number and help create a giant mural. The murals are quite impressive. They are also very popular. You will be given a small sample of paint and a sponge brush. Each sample of paint has a number. You are allowed to paint a set number of squares of each number.


Pro Tip: when the mural gets near completion it may be difficult for your little ones to reach the numbers if all the lower numbers are taken. Try to do this activity early in the day or scout out some low numbers on the mural and ask the cast member for that corresponding paint number.

Chalk Art

3d art

There are some beautiful and amazing chalk art pieces at the festival. Stroll along the pathway between future world and world showcase to find them. They have a few really fun 3D pictures you can take a picture with and make the art come to life.

Living Statues


Some amazing living statues can also be found around future world ( or what’s left of it). This is a great spot to take a picture. The performers will tease/play with anyone who is brave enough to step up for a photo. I personally love street type performances and think this is good clean fun!

Artful Photo Ops

 You will find throughout the world showcase some artful picture frames for you to jump into and take some inspired photos. Put yourself in the masterpiece or become a world-famous artist.


This Festival has so many fun elements that I haven’t even mentioned. To hear a full list of all the Festival of the Arts Fun take a listen to my friends over at That Park Life Podcast

Epcot has so many great festivals… Food and Wine, Festival of the Holidays, or Flower and Garden, which is your favorite?

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