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How to Prep Your Phone for a Disney World Vacation

How to Prep Your Phone for a Disney World Vacation: Everything today is all digital. When you book a Disney vacation, almost everything you do is online. We live in a digital age, and a vacation to Disney World is no exception. For those who have never been to Disney World before, you might not even realize how much you will need your phone while at the parks. Well never fear! I am here to help you make sure you have everything in order and know how to prep your phone for a Disney World Vacation!

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Apps You Need

My Disney Experience-

My Disney Experience App
Disney World

The first app that you need is the Disney My Experience app. This App is the ultimate planning tool for your Disney World trip. Once you decided to book a Disney Trip, downloading this app should be one of the first things that you do. This official Disney app will let you make Fastpasses, book dining reservations, see timings of shows, GPS map to help you find how to get from one place to another, mobile ordering food, and so much more! Also, it’s a great app to use to get to know the ‘lay of the land’ if it’s your first Disney World Trip. It’s fun, informative, and very helpful!

Play Disney-

Disney Play App
Disney World

The next app you should download is the Play Disney App. This adorable little app is so much fun! It basically allows you to play your way around Walt Disney World! You can play games, answer trivia, listen to Disney music, and more! Click here to read more about it.

Find My Friends (Now called Find My..)-

Find My

This will only work if everyone that you are going with has an iPhone, but Find My Friends is a great tool to use to find your friends or family around the parks.

It’s also great when visiting Disney with a large group. No more wondering where everyone is when you said to meet at Starbucks 15 minutes ago. This way, now you can pull up the app and see where everyone is.

Hidden Mickey App-

Hidden Mickey App
Hidden Mickey App

Hidden Mickey Disney World – Did you know that there are hidden Mickeys throughout all of Disney World? This app is great for those who are wanting to find them all and learn some fun stories along the way. It’s a great way to take in the details of WDW too. 


Shop Disney
Disney World

Looking for a certain item in one of the gift shops, but it’s not there? Or they don’t have your size? Or they just don’t have what you are looking for? Never fear! The Shop Disney Parks app is here to save the day! With this app, you can browse thousands of gifts, accessories, collectibles and more, many of which have never before been sold outside of Disney Parks and Resorts.

Make Room for All of Those Memories!

Nicole Ellington

Imagine that you are about to get a photo of your kid with their favorite character, but you get a notification that you do not have enough memory on your phone! This would be a nightmare scenario! Even if you have a camera, know that you are going to take pictures on your phone, especially if you are not a photographer. If you are anything like me, taking photos of your fast-moving kids is easier taken on your phone. Here are a few things you should clear off your phone before going on your trip so this situation doesn’t happen to you.

  1. Move photos to a computer or cloud drive
  2. Delete text messages
  3. Clear your browser cache
  4. Delete Apps, music, photos, and movies you don’t need

To get better direction on how to do this on your iPhone, click here. And if you have an Android, click here.

Keeping that Phone Energized!

Even if you have the greatest and latest phone which you specifically bought because of its battery life (hi, my name is Nicole, and I’m known for doing this) chances are that your battery will run down a lot faster while at Disney World then at home. You will be taking photos, checking apps, and more while on your vacation. So your battery will get tons more use. A great way to prepare for this is by making sure that you have a battery pack handy. You have two options for this…

Fuel Rod
Fuel Rod

Buy a Fuel Rod from Disney-  For $30, you can purchase a Fuel Rod at kiosks located all throughout WDW! Using your credit card, just follow the instructions on the kiosk screen to receive a kit that includes: One fully charged portable battery, one 6” USB to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices), one Apple 30-pin to USB cable (for iPhone and iPad generations 1-4), and one Apple Lightning to USB cable (for iPhone generations 5+). What’s really neat about these Fuel Rods is that once the battery pack itself is out of a battery, you can exchange it for a fully charged one at one of the kiosks for no extra charge!

Bring your own battery pack- This is what I prefer to do. I do this because I use a battery pack at home all the time, so I might as well just bring the one I already have. There are many to choose from, but here is one similar to the one I use if you would like to get one for yourself. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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How to Prep Your Phone for a Disney World Vacation: Are there any apps that you use while at Disney World? Any other phone tricks that you like to do to keep your phone happy while on vacation? Let me know in the comments down below! Don’t forget to save this on Pinterest for later!

How to Prep Your Phone for a Disney World Vacation
How to Prep Your Phone for a Disney World Vacation

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