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Disney Summer Survival Guide

Summer is upon us here in Florida and the heat is on with full force. Here are my top five tips/items to help beat the heat and brave your favorite theme park this summer. Hitting the pool at your favorite resort may help too.

  1. A Hat
    Seems too obvious right? It is hot out there and the sun is bright. Do your cheeks and your eyes a favor and give them some shade from the sun. Hats are a staple for our park days. The boys and I rock ball caps while my husband rocks the ultimate Dad hat.
  2. A Hand Held Fan
    This is seriously a life saver. This fan makes some real breeze. Don’t bother with the wimpy version you hang around your neck . This this will cool you off enough to help you power walk to your next fast pass. It also conveniently recharges via USB.
  3. A Great Tank
    I detest sleeves when it is so hot. So my go to park item is a nice tank. I love the one I got from NRGtees. This tank is light and does not collect and hold on to sweat. I know this because I ran a half marathon in this tank but I also love it for a hot day in the park.
  4. A Cooling Towel
    This is a recent discovery of ours. We saw lots of people trekking along the park with these towels around their necks. If you are unfamiliar with these towels I’ll explain the basics. The towel is soaked in water and then “snapped” to activate the cooling. Place the towel around your neck and it is said to cool your body 20 degrees. You can buy these in the park but I would suggest getting one before you arrive to save some money.
  5. A Good Water Bottle
    I am sure you have a stainless steel tumbler in your cabinet. We always have a cup full of water in the back pack or stroller. We refill it throughout the day with free ice water from the quick service restaurants throughout Disney. My amazing cup is typically filled with ice all though the day ( thanks to frequent refills).

What are your go to tips and trick to keep cool in the hot summer months? Let me know if any of your favorites made my list.

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I'm Jen. Disney Lover, runner, penny pincher and mother of two boys, We live a few short hours away from Orlando and try to visit often. Follow along for family and adult Disney adventures as well as the occasional non -Disney family adventure.

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