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Kitchen Must-Haves for the Disney Fan

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to Disney World as much as I would like. If I could choose, I would be there every day! But since that’s not the case, I need to bring Disney to me! With Disney items sprinkled around my kitchen, my home can feel a little more like “Home”. Here are some Kitchen Must-Haves for Disney Fans!

The prices that are posted were correct at the time of me posting this article. Prices can change at any moment. Also, everything was in stock when I posted this article. Again, stock can change at any moment.

1. Disney Eats Snack Bowl Set


Okay, I am starting off with a favorite of mine. How cute are these bowls?! For those of you that know me, I LOVE Disney snacks. So this is an essential for me. Plus, these three bowls come with a storage lid! Priced at $19.95. Click here to purchase!

2. Disney Flatware Set


This flatware set is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you wanted a hint of Mickey! It’s a 24 piece set that includes forks, knives, soup spoons, and teaspoons. Prices at $78.85. Click here to purchase!

3. Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker and Dipper


Oh Boy! Dinner is served! These cute 5-quart slow cooker and 20 oz dipper are great for family meals or parties! I think the cutest part of this is a Mickey head on the lids! Priced at $42.15. Click here to purchase!

If Pixar is more your thing, check out this slow cooker!

4. Lilo and Stitch Salt and Pepper Shakers


Seriously, how cute are these!?! Lilo and Stitch is one of my all time favorite movies, so this for sure had to make the list. They are 3.5 inches tall. Priced at $17.50. Click here to purchase!

5. Infinity Gauntlet Cookie Jar


Not only is Thanos after the Infinity Stones, but now he is after the cookies! Protect your cookies with this cookies jar from every Marvel lovers dreams! Priced at $29.99. Click here to purchase!

6. Mickey Mouse Oven Mitt


I love this oven mitt! But to be honest, I don’t even use it. I just have it hanging up in my kitchen. It’s too cute to use! Priced at $19.75. Click here to purchase!

7. Haunted Mansion Dish Towels


One of Disney’s classic rides on a hand towel! This set comes with two towels: one featuring Madame Leota, and the other featuring the purple wallpaper. Priced at $21.50. Click here to purchase!

And if you need more Haunted Mansion in your life, check out this table runner!

8. Mickey Clock


I love this clock! I have it hanging over my coffee maker in my kitchen. This clock also comes 5 other colors. Priced at $13.99. Click here to purchase!

9. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker


Calling all Jedi! This waffle maker is for you! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so starting it off with Millennium Falcon waffles will for sure help you in the ways of the force. Priced at $29.20. Click here to purchase!

If Mickey is more your style, click here to see a Mickey Waffle Maker!

10. Mickey Coffee Maker


For those of you who want to wake up with a cup of coffee and a dose of Mickey, then this is perfect for you! This coffee maker is a single serve coffee maker that also comes with a 12 oz mug. Priced at $25.61. Click here you purchase!

11. Mickey Mouse Toaster


This matches perfectly with the coffee maker above! Now, I don’t have this exact one (it looks like the one I have unfortunately isn’t in production any more), but it is extremely similar! And we love it! We use it multiple times a week. Priced at $11.89. Click here to purchase!

For the Marvel Fans, her is a Spiderman toaster and a Captain America Toaster!

They even make a Star Wars one!

12. Mickey and Friends Measuring Cups


How cute are these? Perfect Kitchen Must-Haves for Disney Fans kitchen! Priced at $21.95. Click here to purchase!

13. Mickey Cheese Board


I think we all can agree that cheese is one of the best foods out there. I could probably live off cheese! And this Mickey cheese board will make any get together extra cute! It comes with 3 utensils also. Priced at $39.05. Click here to purchase!

14. Little Mermaid Ice Tray


Trade in your regular ice cubes for these adorable ones! This flexible silicon tray will make it easy to get those ice cubes out. Priced at $12.99. Click here to purchase!

Also check out this Mickey and Friends one!

15. Mickey Cookie Cutters


Cookies are already great, but making them Mickey shaped is even better! (I have a huge weak spot for Mickey shaped foods). This is a five piece set. Priced at $6.99. Click here to purchase!

So what did you think of this list of Kitchen Must-Haves for Disney Fans? Let me know in the comments down below!

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