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The Magic Behind PhotoPass and Memory Maker

They say a photo speaks a thousand words. If that’s true, then photos from a Disney Photopass Photographer must speak at least two thousand words! I don’t know how they do it, but they always seem to capture my most favorite photos of my family. My son, who I happen to think is the cutest kid in the world, just doesn’t take photos well. He’s not very photogenic. But somehow, they always capture him looking cute! In this article, I will explain what the difference is between Photopass and Memory Maker, if it’s worth you getting it for your vacation, and other need to know information.

What is PhotoPass?

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PhotoPass is an amazing photography service available all around the Disney theme parks! Disney has photographers everywhere at the parks available to capture those perfect moments of your vacation. When you see a photographer, ask them to take your photo! That’s what they are there for! Once your photo is taken, you will scan your Magicband or PhotoPass Card (you can get this card from any photographer) and the photo will be added to your account. If you scan your Magicband, the photos should be uploaded to your My Disney Experience account which you can view on the app or the website. If it’s not there, don’t fret! Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to be uploaded to your account. If you scanned your card, you will have to add that card to your account to view the photos. You can use the same card for every Photopass photographer.

Tip: If you decided that maybe Photopass or Memory Maker isn’t for you, no worries! The Photopass photographers are still more than happy to take your photos with your own phone or camera.

What is Memory Maker?

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Memory Maker is a basically a prepaid photo package of the Photopass photos. If you purchase it, it will allow you to receive unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos captured at hundreds of locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort — including all of the attractions that have photos (or even videos!)

What does is cost?


If you are a Disney World Anual Passholder, then good news! Photopass Photos are free to you! You will be able to have unlimited downloads of any photo that the photographers take.

For those who aren’t Passholders, you can purchase a Photopass photo and have it printed out. The prices will vary depending on what you want. For example, a printed 5×7 photo will cost $16.95.

If you decide that you want Memory Maker, there are two prices for this. If you purchase it at least three days before your trip. It will cost you $169. If you decide that you want it after the fact, then it will cost $199. So its best to purchase Memory Maker beforehand to get those savings! (a savings of $50. Think about the Mickey Pretzels you can buy with that!)

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You can also purchase a variety of photo gifts too! You can turn your favorite vacation photo into a mug, mousepad, and more! Prices will vary on the photo gifts.

The photos are only on your account for a short time-45 days from after the photo was taken. If for some reason you need more time, you can purchase a Photo Deadline Extensions. The only option will be for an extra 15 days and it only can be done once. So, for $19.95, your photos will be accessible for 60 days rather than 45 days.

Where are the PhotoPass photographers?

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Short answer, they are everywhere! Literally, you can find one at almost every corner. Though the most common spots to find them is in front of a Disney Icon such as the Castle or Spaceship Earth. They are also always around characters so you are for sure to get photos of those special meet and greet moments!

As I said before, if you see a Photographer, take a photo! The photographers are easy to spot. They wear blue shorts or pants, white shirt, and a khaki photographer’s vest. And they are also the ones carrying around a camera. 🙂

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PhotoPass cameras are positioned at a number of popular attractions so that you can get photos from aboard the rides! Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest have a camera at the big drop which makes for some great (and sometimes funny) photos. Also, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train have a PhotoPass video that is automatically connected to your My Disney Experience account when you ride while wearing a MagicBand. Watch the video below for one of my favorites!

For a complete list of where you can find the photographers, check the My Disney Experience app. It will have the most up to date list and a map of where to find them.

What are Magic Shots?

Magic Shots are just that, photos with some magic in them! These photos sometimes end up being some of my favorite photos taken while at WDW. Sometimes the photographers will ask you to pose in funny positions, and sometimes they won’t tell you why. Then once you look at the photo, you realize the reason why they wanted you to pose like that! They just wanted to add some fun to the photos! Magic shots can be anything from a Disney Character showing up in your photos to you holding Mickey Balloons! The possibilities are endless here!

Should I purchase Memory Maker?


In my opinion, I say yes! I am usually a cheapo. I like to scrimp on things whenever possible. But the photos that you will get of your family will last a lifetime! Out of all my Disney trips, I only didn’t purchase Memory Maker once. And I regret that now. I wish I would have. To me, the price of Memory Maker isn’t that bad. $149 for unlimited photos taken, ride photos, ride videos, and unlimited downloads?! That seems like a great deal to me!

Photopass and Memory Maker Tips-

  • Did you know that if you are Disney Visa Card holder that there are a few special character meet and greets just for you? Plus, the photos taken there are free! There is one in Epcot and one in Hollywood Studios. Make sure to stop by if you are a Disney Visa Card Holder!
  • Let’s say that you are going on a big family reunion. One way to save money is to only purchase one Memory Maker. If you purchase Memory Maker, on your My Disney Experience app, you can add your family in the “friends and Family” section. This way, no matter who scans their MagicBand for the photos, it will all end up in your account!
  • Get LOTS of photos! Ever trip, I always wish we took more photos even though we took a lot. Just go do it! Every time you see a photographer, go take a photo! You never know where your favorite family photo will come from.
  • Don’t forget the night photos! No matter how good your phone camera is, sometimes its just hard to capture that perfect nighttime photo. But that’s where the Disney Photopass photographers come in! Their cameras will be better at getting that night time photo.
  • Ask for those magic shots! If a photographer doesn’t offer, it never hurts to ask! You never know what you are going to get.
  • There is also a PhotoPass area in Disney Springs that you can get some really neat photos in front of a green screen!

Do you purchase Memory Make while at the parks? Do you love it? Is it something you can live without? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! And if you have a PhotoPass photo that you would like to share with me, tag me on Instagram at @DisneyDreamCo. I would love to see them!

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