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Epcot Rides and Attractions for Toddlers and Babies

Epcot for Toddlers and Babies: When most people think of taking their younger kids to Disney World, they usually think of taking them to Magic Kingdom. And they are not wrong! Magic Kingdom is chock full of toddler-friendly activities! But for some reason, Epcot is lower on the list. Most people would say that Epcot is not for kids. To that I say, no way! Epcot is for everyone! I have already written an article called “Top 8 Things for Kids to Do in Epcot”, but that was written more generally for kids of all ages. This article will be specifically for the younger kiddos. This is a Part 2 of a 4 part series.

  • Part 1: Magic Kingdom for Toddlers and Babies
  • Part 2: Epcot for Toddlers and Babies


Nicole Ellington

The American Adventure- World Showcase, America: Okay, I am going to be honest, I LOVE this show. Babies and toddlers might not fully understand the show, BUT… my son fell asleep in here a lot when he was younger. It’s cool and comfy. So if your youngster needs a quick 30-minute nap, this is the place to go.

Bo Peep’s Playtime Traning Grounds- Get your playing on with this fun and exciting playground! This area was introduced at the 2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and call ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet Playground’. It was rumored to be just for the Festival, but now it will be a permanent addition to the park and change themes and sponsors seasonally. Now, it’s presented by Toy Story 4. This playground is located on the Test Track side of Mouse Gear.

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Character Meet and Greets- There are SO MANY around Epcot, that I am not even going to post all of the locations! From Ana and Elsa to Mickey and Minnie! You never know who may cross your path!

Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival- Future World: What a fun experience for the whole family! You know all of those Pixar shorts that we all love? Well, Disney brings them to life in 4D!

Frozen Ever- World Showcase, Norway: Take a ride through Arenalle and get to see all of your favorite Frozen characters! This is a great ride for kids of all ages too!

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Gran Fiesta Tour- World Showcase, Mexico: This bright and colorful boat ride will for sure entertain the little ones! It’s still one of my son’s favorite rides to this day!

Journey Into Imagination with Figment- Future World: The youngsters tend to love this cute purple dragon and the songs!

*Disclaimer- I really don’t like this ride. I find it boring and annoying. But, I know a lot of people, particularly kids, love it! So try it once and see for yourself.

Nicole Ellington

Kidcot Fun Stop- All around the World Showcase: This is soo much fun! This might work better for toddlers than babies, but with parents help, babies can do this too! Kids can collect postcards and stickers from around the world. The best part is that this is a free activity and makes for a great souvenir! To read more about it, click here!

Living with the Land- Future World: Another boat ride (Disney sure does love their boat rides) that the whole family will enjoy! The toddlers and babies will love the sites and sounds, while the older kiddos will love learning how things grow!

Nicole Ellington

The Sea Pavilion- Future World: What little one doesn’t love aquariums?! And this one is amazing! My son’s favorite part is watching the dolphins swim and play and the scuba divers swim!

The Seas with Nemo and Friends- Future World: This ride is adorable! You get to follow along with the story of Nemo and his friends and family. My son’s favorite part is when you actually see Nemo and company swimming along with real fish! Also, that turtle bubble tunnel is pretty neat!

Nicole Ellington

Spaceship Earth- Future World: This slow-moving ride is sure to keep any babies or toddlers attention! There are tons to look at, so I know that the little one appreciate that!

Turtle Talk with Crush- Future World: How cool is this! This is another thing that kids of all ages will love! Kiddos can actually talk and have a conversation with one of their favorite Finding Nemo characters, Crush!

Epcot for Toddlers and Babies- What is your baby or toddlers favorite attraction? If they haven’t been, what do you think they would like the most? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any photos of your kiddos enjoying Epcot, tag me at @DisneyDreamCo on Instagram or Twitter!

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