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Top Magic Kingdom Rides and Attractions for Toddlers and Babies

Magic Kingdom for Toddlers and Babies: Disney World is a place for everyone. Young, old, and young at heart. In my humble opinion, there is no ‘right’ age to take your kid to Disney World. There are benefits to take them when they are babies (they are FREE), and there are benefits to taking them when they are older. But Disney World makes sure that there is something for everyone at every age. Lots of times, when you go to an amusement park, there might not be that much for the younger kiddos. But not at Disney! Here is a list of things that those young kids (and everyone in the whole family) will enjoy. These rides/attractions will have NO height requirements, so even the tiniest of Mickey fans can join in on the fun.

This will be a 4 part series starting off with Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is probably the best park for kids of all ages! There is just so much to do and see! Even if you don’t ride any rides, there is so much to do and see just walking around. Magic Kingdom is a ‘must-do’ for people of all ages, but especially for the younger kids. Here is a list of great rides and attractions in Magic Kingdom for Toddlers and Babies.

Nicole Ellington

Buzz Lightyears’s Space Ranger Spin- Tomorrowland: This ride is so much fun! The little ones will love the bright colors and the slight spin (if you want it to. You control the spin of your cart). Its a great ride for the whole family because the little ones can sit a watch the fun while the older kids (okay, or adults… I LOVE this ride) can use the blaster to try to become ‘Galactic Hero’!

Nicole Ellington

Casey Jr. Splash and Soak: Fantasyland– What a great place for the kiddos to cool down! This is one of my son’s favorite places to hang out and cool down. This splash pad is perfect for kids! Tip: bring their bathing suit or something that you don’t mind them getting wet in. There is a bathroom right there that you can change them. Another tip: grab yourself a sweet treat from Big Top Souvenirs so you can snack while the kiddos play. They will be too distracted to want what your eating so then you don’t have to share! You’re welcome 🙂

Carousel of Progress: Tomorrowland- “There is a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!” Not only does this ride have a great message, but its also very fun to watch! The song is pretty catchy too!

Country Bear Jamboree: Frontierland– You will appreciate a break from the sun and crowds while your kids will appreciate the singing bears! I will admit, this is not Disney’s best attraction. But little kids seem to love it, so give it a try on a hot day.

Nicole Ellington

Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Fantasyland- There are multiple reasons why this ride is great for toddlers and babies. First, let’s start with the ride itself. It’s a pretty simple ride. It just goes in circles. But you can control the height. So for those who want more of a thrill, you can make it go pretty high! If your kiddo is a little timid, then let it stay low to the ground. Another reason why this ride is great for toddlers and babies is that they actually have a playground inside the queue! It’s such a blast! My son prefers the playground over the ride. There is even a little section in there specifically made for babies and toddler!

If you would like to read more about more areas around WDW that are great for the kiddos to play in, click here!

Enchanted Tales with Belle: Fantasyland- This is another attraction that is great for all ages! The older kids can actually participate in the story, and the younger ones can watch and enjoy!

It’s a Small World: Fantasyland- What a classic ride! With the colors and the song- this ride is something that your kids, babies, and toddlers will want to ride again and again! And I apologize in advance… this song WILL get stuck in your head for the rest of your vacation.

Jungle Cruise: Adventureland– Not only will the kids love seeing all of the (animatronic) animals, but you will enjoy the Skippers very corny jokes! This right is seriously a hoot for the whole family.

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Liberty Square Riverboat: Liberty Square- Taking a nice scenic boat ride on the Liberty Belle is something the whole family will enjoy! But just as a warning, the horn is a little loud. It has scared my son a few times, but he is sensitive to sounds. So if your kiddo is sensitive to loud sounds like my son, then just beware.

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Made Tea Party: Fantasyland– Take a spin on these magical cups! You can control some of the spin on this ride. If you think your kids will enjoy the thrill of spinning, then spin as fast as you can! If not, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: Adventureland- This ride is very similar to the Dumbo Ride. Its spins, and you can control the height. So if your kids love Dumbo, they will love this!

Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh: Fantasyland- My son doesn’t really like Winnie the Pooh, but LOVES this ride! I think it’s something about the music and the colors. Also, the queue for this ride is so much fun! You can play games and explore the Hundred Acre Woods!


Mickey’s PhilharMagic: Fantasyland- This is a 3D (4D?) movie that really brings you into the magic! Many of our favorite Disney friends make an appearance in this movie. For the babies, it might be hard to keep the 3D glasses on their heads.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor: Tomorrowland- Laughs are to be had here at the Laugh Floor! Everyone will enjoy the silly jokes! Also, this attraction has great ‘re-ride-ability’ because it’s different every time! So never fear if this is something your kids want to ride again and again, and again…

Peter Pan’s Flight: Fantasyland- Take a magical flight over London aboard a Pirate Ship! There is so much to look at, that your babies and toddlers will for sure love this!

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Prince Charming Regal Carousel: Fantasyland- This is essentially just a basic carousel ride. But with the added magic of being right behind Cinderella Castle, there is so much fun to be had here!

Tiki Room: Adventureland- I kind of lump this attraction with Country Bears. I might not particularly enjoy this, but my son sure does! Kids love all of the animatronic birds. And again, another catchy song.

Tomorrowland People Mover in Magic Kingdom
Nicole Ellington

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover: Tomorrowland- Not only is this a great ride for sightseeing, but it’s also a great place to relax! The perfect ride for babies and toddlers (Actually, its the perfect ride for anyone- this is personally one of my favorite rides!)

Nicole Ellington

Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid: Fantasyland– The songs, the story, the colors! This ride is for sure to be enjoyed by kids of all ages! It really makes you feel like you are part of this classic movie!

Walt Disney Railroad: All over Magic Kingdom- Whats a great way to see the park! Also, what toddler doesn’t love trains! This a great way to travel Magic kingdom and point out all of their favorite rides!

Honorable Mentions for Magic Kingdom for Toddlers and Babies-

Nicole Ellington

Haunted Mansion: Liberty Square- This is one of those classic rides that is a must-do for me. But we skipped it a few times when my son was a toddler. He is on the timid side and only recently started to like it, maybe when he was 3 years old? but when he was one and two, he thought it was too scary. The ride is slow-moving, but it is pretty dark. If your toddler is afraid of the dark, them I would suggest skipping this ride. If they are fine with the dark, then go for it!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Adventureland- This is another slow-moving ride… but there is one smallish drop that you can get wet on. My son didn’t appreciate that until recently. Again, my son is on the timid side, so this might be perfectly fine for your toddler.

Magic Kingdom for Toddlers and Babies: do your kiddos have a favorite? Let me know in the comments down below! I would love to hear from you!

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