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Toy Story Birthday Party!

Toy Story Birthday Party: If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, my family loves Disney. Like we are literally OBSESSED. Even my son, who just turned 5, is already brainwashed head over heels for Disney. Every year (except for his first birthday because he was too young to pick) we let my son decided what his birthday party theme will be. This year he finally picked Toy Story! I was so ecstatic about it because the kid’s name is Andy… it’s about time we had a Toy Story theme.

Now, I am no party planning expert. I am not crafty. I am cheap. These three things are really against me when trying to plan his parties. But if I can do it, anyone can do it. This article will mainly be photos to inspire you on different Toy Story ideas. Also, I will include FREE Toy Story birthday party printables! And who doesn’t like free?!?

Toy Story Birthday Party Background

Nicole Ellington

The background was very easy to do. All I did was buy a sky blue table cloth and hung that up to the house. I also printed off the clouds, cut them out, and then taped them to the table cloth. The lettering as a bit trickier, but I just did the same thing. Printed, cut, and tape.

If you would like the stencil that I used for the clouds, click here!

Toy Story Birthday Party Table Decorations

For the table decorations, I wanted to keep it pretty simple. After all, I am not that crafty, so these decorations had to be easy to do. For the cow fabric table runner, all I did was go to JoAnn Fabrics (or any of your local fabrics store) and purchase a yard of the fabric. Then I folded it, laid it on the table, and tada! Super simple and easy.

As for the fabric at the front of the table- all I did was purchase a few feet of the fabrics that I wanted and some twine. Then I just cut the fabric up into strips and tied it to the twine. No sewing necessary. Some of you more crafty people could probably execute this way better than me, but hey, it was good enough for me.

The last thing I did for the table was to make a Sunnyside box! This really couldn’t be any easier. Just fine a carboard box, write Sunnyside on it, and put your kids Toy Story toys in it! At last minute I decided to put the box on a bale of hay. I thought it looked cuter and once I put the food out that made the box higher than the food. Also, if you look closely, you can see little green army men on the hay bale. My son Andy didn’t have as many Green Army Men as I thought he did. So I purchased some here.

Toy Story Birthday Party General Decorations

Now for the decorations I had around the party. I had your typical streamers and balloons. But I also did a few other cute things that I thought added a nice touch to the Toy Story theme. The first, Toy Story directional signs. I needed to find some simple and easy way to pay homage to all the locations in the Toy Story movies. I created these signs, printed them out, and taped them up! If you would like to use them for your party, click here!

The next decoration that I did was just too cute to pass up! Letter blocks to spell out his name! Again, this is super simple. All you need is a few cardboard boxes and some paint! And again, all you crafty people can do a way better job than me. But this is something that even us none crafty people can do!

Toy Story Birthday Party Fun

What’s a birthday party without any activities? The first thing that is a party must is a pinata! I searched and I searched for the best pinata I could find. But all of the ones I found were, how can I put this… bad. For some reason, finding a non-creepy Toy Story pinata is hard to find! They just can’t get Woody’s or Buzz’s face right. So when I found this one, I snatched it up! If you would like to purchase this one too, click here!

Next on the list is a good ol’ fashion Pin the Tail game. My original plan was to make my own. But ain’t nobody got time for that! So off to Amazon I went and purchased this. The kids loved it and had such a blast!

Last, but not least- and a bounce house. Now, this is definitely not something that is needed at a party, but it sure is fun! Every year my dad rents my son a bounce house for his party. He couldn’t find any Toy Story themed ones, so he went with a UFO! My son thought it was the COOLEST thing ever.

Toy Story Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Now for the best part (in my personal opinion anyway)- the food! What is a party without the food anyway? And even better if it’s themed to the party! Check out the photos to see exactly what we did.

The mini pizza Boxes were a huge hit! Click here to get some for yourself!

If you would like to use any of the food cards, labels, or signs that I made, just click here to download them, then print!

Toy Story Party Dessert

I am no baker. I like to pretend that I am, but I am really not. For dessert we had a cake, Green Alien inspired cupcakes (You can get those eyes here), Star shortbread cookies, and a chocolate trifle! (this is the recipe that I based mine off of.) As you can see, the aliens kind of look like Green Emoji Poop. But hey, I tried my best!

Also, here is the link to the Toy Story figures that I used on the cake!

So, what do you think? Let me know if you use any of these ideas! You can leave a comment down below, or you can tag me on Instagram at @DisneyDreamCo! I would love to see what you come up with!

Also, do you like my son’s shirt? I made it! And it was super simple! I created the design, printed it out onto iron-on paper that you can get at any craft store, and then ironed it on to a plain shirt! Would you like one for your child for FREE? I would be more than happy to send you the file! Fill out the form below with your child’s name and age and I will email you a printable file! Please allow 7 days for me to respond. I will most likely respond sooner, but you never know. Thanks!

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