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Be Our Guest- Facts, Tips, Tricks, and a 4-Year-Old’s Take

“Be Our Guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!” Sorry. I just had to. I figured I would get the singing out of the way right at the beginning just to put you out of your misery. But, be honest, you sang along too… I know you did.

Anyway, I bet you already guessed what my article is about today — Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom! I am going to break this article down into two sections. The first section is going to be facts, tips, and tricks. For the second part, I am going to hand it over to a true Disney expert, my four-year-old son, Andy. This kid has been hooked on Disney since the womb. I mean, the kid’s name is Andy (named after Toy Story), so he kind of has to be a Disney Kid. Just to forewarn you, he is crazy, and I have no idea what he is going to say. Everything will be his own words. You have been warned…

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Part One- Tips, Tricks, and Facts

Be Our Guest Resturant is quite unique in multiple ways. First, it is a quick-service restaurant AND a table service restaurant all rolled into one. Breakfast and Lunch are considered quick service meals. This means that if you are using the Disney Dining Plan your meal would only count as a quick service credit. This is honestly a great deal because this is a preeetty expensive meal when it comes to quick-service prices. Breakfast is a flat rate ringing in at a whopping $28 per adult meal and $15 per kid meal. Lunch is cheaper ranging from $13-$18 per adult meal and about $8.50 for all of the kid’s lunch meals. Dinner, on the other hand, is a table service meal and is actually something that Disney calls “signature dining.” This means that if you are using the Disney Dining Plan, you will have to use 2 table credits per person to have dinner here. For dinner, Be Our Guest offers a prix fixe, a 3-course menu featuring French-inspired dishes. If not using the dining plan, this dining experience will cost you $60 for adults, and $36 for children. Tax and gratuity are not included in the price.


With Breakfast and Lunch, you can pre-order your food up to 30 days ahead of time. This is actually a pretty great time saver. Through My Disney Experience, you can log into your account, go to your reservation, and then click “order food.” Here, a drop-down menu will appear and you will be able to peruse through the menu and decide what you would like to eat at your leisure. Once your reservation day comes up, you will be able to skip the ordering line, pay for your food (or use your dining plan credits), and head right to your table.


If you decided not to pre-order or meals (or, you honestly just forgot), never fear! You can order your food while you are there. In this situation, you will order and pay from touchscreen computers. Disney makes this super easy and soon enough you will be on your way.

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Now, once you are done ordering your meals, whether it was ahead of time or at the restaurant, you can now sit at any table you like. If you ordered ahead of time, you go sit at your table, and cast members MAGICALLY bring your food to you, even though they have no idea where you are sitting. I’m CONVINCED it’s magic, but my husband says it has something to do with your MagicBands. Who knows how they do it. (Actually, I’m pretty sure I could just Google it, but I want to believe it’s magic, so I refuse to look it up.) If ordering while at the restaurant, they will give you a little puck that looks like a rose. Once you are done ordering, place that puck on whatever table you choose, and your food will be delivered right to you!

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There are three rooms that you can choose to sit in: The Ballroom, the Library, or the West Wing. My personal favorite is the Ballroom. Though all the rooms are beautiful, this one gives me all of the ‘Disney Feels.’ It looks like it came straight out of Beauty and the Beast!

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Dinner is a whole different experience. As I mentioned before, dinner is now what Disney considers “signature dining” and requires 2 table service credits if using the dining plan. You will start your meal with an amazing French-inspired appetizer. For your main course, you can choose between entrées such as: Center Cut Filet Mignon, Spiced Dust Lamb Chops, Saffron Infused Seafood Bouillabaisse, and more yummy meals! Make sure you save room for the dessert trio! The dessert trio comes with “The Grey Stuff” as one of its parts, and it really is delicious! Also, with dinner, you are seated by a waiter, as opposed to breakfast and lunch where you can pick to sit wherever you want. Dinner is also the only meal at which The Beast is available to meet. He walks around from room to room to make an appearance, but doesn’t come to the tables as characters do at other character dining experiences. You can still go over to meet The Beast and take photos over at his meet-and-greet area at the front of the restaurant.

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Some Tips for Be Our Guest Resturant-

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  1. If you are using the dining plan for a quick service meal for breakfast or lunch, order an adult meal for your child. A quick service credit is a quick service credit. It doesn’t matter if you order all adult meals or all kid’s meals. They all count as a quick service credit. I find that the kid’s meals here are on the small size and aren’t as appetizing as the adult meals. Also, you get more bang for your buck this way!
  2. If there are tables available, try to sit in the back of the ballroom near the windows. I personally feel these seats are the most magical! The windows make it look like its snowing outside, and you can also see into the West Wing and the Library from here.
  3. If you have little ones (or scardey cats like my son), I would stay away from the West Wing. My son doesn’t like it because it’s too dark for him and every once in awhile, lightning will strike. Since my son is a little timid, we stay away from that room.
  4. Did you know that you can book breakfast reservations before Magic Kingdom even opens? We like to book breakfast for about 8:15 am. But, the cast members let you into Magic Kingdom at about 7:45! That gives you a little bit of time to walk around Main Street, the castle, and behind the castle for a little bit before heavy crowds take over.

Part Two – Andy’s Take on Be Our Guest

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In this section, I will interview my four-year-old son, Andy, and ask him his thoughts on this magical restaurant. All answers will be his own. Some of his answers might not make any sense because he is just a crazy boy and speaking crazy is his first language. You have been warned…again…

Nicole Ellington

Well, there you have it! What do you think about Be Our Guest? Do you love it? Do you dislike it? Did you learn something new from this post? I would love to hear from you! Let me know down in the comments below! Also, if you have any photos of you or your family at Be Our Guest, tag me on Instagram @DisneyDreamCo!

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