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Disney World Trip Calculator- Your Best Disney Planning Tool

I am EXTREMELY pleased and excited to announce that — drum roll please — Disney Dream Co. now has a Disney World Trip Calculator!!! Yayyyyy!!!! What is a Disney trip calculator?? Well, I am so glad you asked! This little tool will help make the process of planning a Disney vacation sooo much easier!! Here at Disney Dream Co., that’s something that we all really want to do — help make your Disney vacation easier to plan and more enjoyable!

First things first… What is it?!?

This calculator will help you figure out all of your ” need to know” and important dates. For example, one of the dates that I am always trying to figure out is the day I can finally make my dining reservations. Well, with this nifty calculator, there will be no guessing or getting dates wrong (been there, done that). Not only will this calculator tell you the exact date to make your reservations, but it will also give you a countdown to that day as it approaches or how many days you are past a certain day if you’re a bit behind (greyed out)!

This calculator is very easy to use. All you have to do is click your check-in date, and the calculator does the rest! As you can see from the screenshot above ( click the photo to enlarge ), this calculator does waayy more than just tell you when you can start making dining reservations. It also tells you when you can start booking FastPasses, when you can do online check-in, and more!

Even if you don’t have an upcoming trip, start playing around with the calculator! It’s fun and a great way to help you plan and organize any upcoming trips.

Click here to head right to the calculator!!

I just wanted to thank my husband, Aaron Ellington, for making this Disney World Trip Calculator. He does so much behind the scenes work on this blog. If it weren’t for him, there would be no blog. So thank you so much Aaron!! You are the BEST! (below is a photo of him in all his Disney Dad-ness #DisneyDadsAreTheBestDads)

Nicole Ellington

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I'm a lover of all things Disney! I have an adorable son named Andy (after Toy Story), and an amazing hubby named Aaron. For my family and I, Disney isn’t just a hobby or someplace we casually go when on vacation, it's a way of life. We try to go back 'Home' twice a year. My hope for this blog is to help families navigate their crazy, magical times through Disney and reach their Disney Dream!


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