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Getting a Letter from Mickey and Friends!

Letter from Mickey Mouse: Do you have a child that is just as obsessed with Mickey Mouse as my son is? My son, who is 4 years old, is constantly talking about how Mickey is his friend. He thinks that they are best pals and misses him so much when we aren’t in Disney World. And since we live in Connecticut, we don’t make it to Disney nearly as often as we would both like. He truly gets very sad because he misses his ‘best friend’ so much!

I went on a hunt. I was determined to figure out a way to help my son feel better in between Disney visits. The Disney Blues are real! That’s when I discovered that you can send letters to Mickey Mouse, and your child will get a letter back!

When I told my son that, he was over the moon! He could not wait to write (or, have me write while he dictates) a letter to Mickey! For good measure, we wrote a letter to Minnie Mouse too! He didn’t want her to feel left out. Below are the two letters that we sent.

First off, don’t mind my handwriting! I have terrible handwriting so please excuse me for that. Andy told me everything to write down. Then he decorated the letter with some of his favorite stickers!

Letter from Mickey Mouse

We sent the letters out on April 19th. We didn’t really know what to expect! I made sure to tell Andy that it might take a while, or he might not get a letter back because Mickey is a very busy Mouse after all. A month went by and I honestly completely forgot about it. But on May 15th, almost a month later, we got a postcard in the mail!

The postcard was nothing super special, but boy, was Andy ecstatic! He was just so overjoyed that Mickey remembered him and sent him a letter! He also loved that the other ‘friends’ were on the postcard too.

So for the cost of a stamp, this was a fun little activity that made missing Disney World a little more bearable! Here is the address to send Mickey or Minnie a letter:

Mickey Mouse (or other character name)
Walt Disney World Communications
P.O Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-0040

Don’t forget to put a return address on the envelope so that your little one can get a letter back!

Also, I suggest taking a photo of the letter your child writes because once you send it, you will not get it back.

Have you ever recived a Letter from Mickey Mouse before? Or will you now be sending a letter to a character after reading this? Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments down below! If you decided to do this, and get a letter back, tag me on Instagram at @DisneyDreamCo so I can see a photo of it!

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Letter from Mickey Mouse

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