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Top 5 Disney World Breakfast That You NEED to Try!

Disney World Breakfast: One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast- or so they tell us. Typically, I am not a breakfast person. Usually, I just drink my coffee and I am ready to go!

But there is something about being at Disney World that makes me really want to have breakfast! We don’t have breakfast everyday on our vacation, but we do make sure to have breakfast at least a few times on our trip.

Below, I will show you my top five favorite places to grab breakfast while at Walt Disney World!

Be Our Guest Disney World Breakfast

Nicole Ellington

Having breakfast at Disney World once a trip has become a tradition for my family. We really love it, especially my son! It’s not a vacation to Disney World if he doesn’t have breakfast here. The food here is good, not the best, but pretty good.

Be Our Guest is in Magic Kingdom and is actually a quick-service restaurant for both breakfast and lunch! You still have to make a reservation here though since it is so popular!

What we REALY love about it is –

-We can get into Magic Kingdom early

-My son gets his own plate of pastries

-It looks like you are eating breakfast on the set of Beauty and the Beast

-If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, this is a great meal to get the most bang for your buck! (aka, this is an expensive quick service)

I actually wrote a whole blog post about our experience here. Click here to check it out!

Tusker House Breakfast

Disney World Tusker House, Disney World Breakfast
Nicole Ellington

Now, Tusker House at Animal Kingdom is one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Disney World, especially for breakfast! They have such a great selection of food and the character interactions are AMAZING!

First, let’s talk about the character interactions. I don’t know what it is about Tusker House, but they always seem to really take their time here. Just look at my son’s face in the photo above- you can tell he is having a blast!

Next, is the food. The food here at Tusker House is wonderful! They really do have something for everyone. My son is a picky eater, I am an adventurous eater, and my husband is somewhere in the middle. Tusker House really has a grat selection for all of us!

I wrote a review about Tusker House also. Click here to read it!

Sleepy Hollow Disney World Breakfast

Disney World Breakfast
Nicole Ellington

I have a confession to make…. I love Mickey Waffles! If you have been here long enough, you will know how deep my love for these delectable treats goes. (I even make them at home when I am missing Disney World)

I love Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom for a few reasons-

-The first is that I can get a Mickey Waffle any time of the day. Did you sleep in and miss breakfast time? No worries! You can still get a Mickey Waffle here!

-Sleepy Hollow is one of those ‘grab and go’ places. Yes, there is seating outside, but I find that it tends to be crowded. So I like that I can just grab my Mickey Waffle and start heading to my next Fastpass!

They also serve other things besides Mickey Waffles, so check out their menu here to see if anything catches your eye!

Crystal Palace Breakfast

Here is another Magic Kingdom location for ya ( I guess I must just really like breakfast at Magic Kingdom!) The Crystal Palace is right at the end of Main Steet to the left as you head towards Adventureland.

I just love this place so much because of just the feeling I get when I eat here. It just feels so ‘Disney’, it’s hard to explain. What better way to start of your day with a great Disney feel!

They also have Winnie the Pooh and friends come around for a visit! We really aren’t into Winnie the Pooh that much, but it’s still cute and fun to experience.

Crystal Palace is also a buffet, so again, a great variety. Not as much variety as Tusker House though. It mainly has American classics like bacon, eggs, omelets, and waffles (but don’t worry, their waffles are also Mickey shaped!)

Your Disney Resort for Disney World Breakfast

Disney World Breakfast
Nicole Ellington

I know what you are thinking- ANOTHER MICKEY WAFFLE?!? And to answer that YES, ANOTHER MICKEY WAFFLE! I told you I was obsessed!

Anyway, the Disney resorts have some great Disney breakfast! (And no, they do not all contain Mickey waffles, even though I wish they did). We typically stay at the All-Star Resorts (click here to read about the All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies), and they have all had a great selection for breakfast.

Not only do these resorts have a great selection and variety, but they are also a quick and easy place to grab your breakfast and go! Do you like a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes? They got it! Are you more of just a coffee and pastry person? Well, they got those too! You will really find something for everyone at the Disney resorts quick service locations.

Honorable Mentions


Even though I feel like I am a Disney World food expert by now, there are still some places that I haven’t been for breakfast but reeaaallly want to go! These places have been recommended to me by other Disney obsessed people, so you know they will be good!

Ohana at the Polynesian Resort: I have been here for dinner a bunch of times, just never for breakfast. And I NEED to go because, get this… they have Stitch shaped waffles. They look so cute I think I might cry!

Topolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort: This one was suggested to me by our very own Kim. To quote her exactly, “Food, atmosphere, characters … A+!” That sounds good to me! I have also heard other Disney experts that this new restaurant is the place to eat. I’ll have to try it soon! (UPDATE: I just ate here on my last Disney trip! To see my review- click here!)

Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie in Epcot: This is one I have been wanting to try for a while! But I have just never gotten around to it. A lot of people don’t realize that this is an amazing place to grab a bite to eat for breakfast. This is because the World Showcase typically opens at 11 am. But, Les Halles opens up daily when the rest of the park opens!

Well, there you have it! Here are the top 5 places that I love to get breakfast at whole at Disney World! Do you have a favorite? Maybe one that’s not even on the list? Let me know in the comments down below!

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