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How to Make Perfect Mickey Waffles at Home

Mickey Waffles… I am obsessed. I honestly have a problem. Is there such thing as Mickey Waffles Anonymous? Because if there is, I need to join.  Hi, my name is Nicole, and I am addicted to Mickey Waffles. Whoah, I’m glad to finally get that off my chest. Unfortunately, I only get to go ‘home’ about two times a year, so my Mickey Waffle consumption is much less then I would like. But good news! You can now make them at home! So, if you are anything like me and want to eat those delicious things 24/7,  here is your chance

My journey to the perfect Mickey Waffle was a tough one. I tried so many different recipes. Some were too sweet. Some were too salty. Until I FINALLY got it just right.  My first secret to the perfect Mickey Waffle is the mix. Disney World uses a mix called Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour.  This is NEEDED to make sure you get that great Mickey Waffle taste. To order it, click here. The next secret is getting that perfect Mickey shape. I haven’t been able to find the exact Mickey Waffle waffle iron, but there are tons of different ones out there. Click here to order one I use off Amazon. I really like mine, so if you are in the market to buy a Mickey Waffle maker, I would go with that one.

Now, how to make this yumminess!!

Nicole Ellington
The ingredients-

This recipe makes about 8 waffles (it depends on the size of your waffle iron).   The first thing that you want to do is whisk the 2 eggs together with the milk.

Nicole Ellington

  Next, pour in the melted butter and vanilla. Whisk it until just combined.

Nicole Ellington

    After that, pour in the Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour along with the sugar. Mix that all together until just combined.

Nicole Ellington

  Now, preheat your waffle iron. The one I have only takes about 5 minutes to fully heat up.

Nicole Ellington

  Next, spray the waffle iron with a nonstick cooking spray, then ladle a spoon full of batter onto the hot waffle. Let it cook for about 3 minutes. Make sure you read the cooking times on your waffle iron in the instruction book because the cooking times will vary.

Nicole Ellington
Nicole Ellington

Now you have your very own Mickey Waffles! Nothing will taste exactly the same as Mickey Waffles from Disney World, but at least this is close enough and will hold you over until your next trip!

Nicole Ellington

Are there any other Disney World meals or snacks that you crave while you’re not at the parks? Let me know in the comments and maybe it will be my next month’s recipe!

If you like the Mickey bowl and spoon I used and want to purchase them, click here!

Want to print this recipe? Click the photo below to download the printable version!

Mickey Waffles Recipe PDF

Nicole Ellington

Did you use this recipe to make your own? If you did, post a photo in the comments, or tag me on Instagram at @DisneyDreamCo or on Twitter at @DisneyDreamCo. I would love to see your yummy creations!

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