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Homemade Lapu Lapu Recipe

It’s not a secret. I love to drink things out of a pineapple. Even water. It is just more fun! This is probably what drew me to the Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Resort.  I am going to share with you how to make a homemade Lapu Lapu. This is a sure-fire way to turn your staycation into a vacation.

Lapu Lapu, Tambu Lounge

My coworker knows I love a good pineapple drink and gifted me a pineapple corer she found at a great discount from Sur La Table. Here is a more budget-friendly option that will likely work just as well from amazon.  This is actually a pretty amazing tool. If you use this tool in front of friends it turns out to be a pretty fun party trick, too. Many times, when you see a pretty impressive drink you may think… “Looks good, but how does it taste?”

Lapu Lapu at sea

I really enjoy the Lapu Lapu and wanted to recreate it for a pineapple themed party we threw at home. A quick Google search will yield a variety of recipes for Disney drinks — some with closely guarded secret ingredients. What is Gorilla Grog? No, really? What is it? If you know, please share in the comments.

For our party, I wanted something simple and tasty that would be easy to make in a large batch. So, here is our version of the Lapu Lapu and I think it turned out pretty well:

Pineapple Corer

Lapu Lapu Homemade Recipe

1 hollowed out pineapple (or skip this part and drink your Lapu Lapu out of your favorite tiki mug)

2 oz of your favorite dark rum

2 oz of orange juice

3 oz of pineapple juice

1 oz of sour mix

To make your own sour mix combine:

1 cup of simple syrup

1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

Homemad Lapu Lapu

The recipe I found also called for a rum floater on top, but we kept it a little more low key and skipped that part. This drink would also be a tasty fruit punch if you want to skip the rum altogether. Since we were making this drink for a large group of people, we converted the ounces to cups and made several large batches. Be warned you will have a lot of pineapples to eat if you have a large party as we did. Everyone will want to drink out of a pineapple, leaving you lots of fruit to consume.  We turned our pineapple into a cucumber pineapple salad, caramelized ice cream topping, and pineapple infused water for the kids.

Let me know if you try this at home! Tag me in your creations @adventuresbydrennon on Instagram.

I'm Jen. Disney Lover, runner, penny pincher and mother of two boys, We live a few short hours away from Orlando and try to visit often. Follow along for family and adult Disney adventures as well as the occasional non -Disney family adventure.

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