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Tips for Wearing a Face Covering in the Florida Heat

Over here at Disney Dream Co we like many of you have been watching the rollout of information from Disney Parks and Resorts with bated breath. Now that things are opening up in Florida we faced with more questions. One thing for certain is face masks or coverings will likely be in the picture for a while. I am going to cover some tips for wearing a face-covering in the Florida heat.

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I’m not here to debate the effectiveness or usefulness of face coverings in regards to preventing COVID-19. I am not giving out health advice. If you want to visit a Disney property anytime in the near future you will be required to wear one. I do have experience living in Florida and I do have experience as an allied health professional wearing a mask all day for the last several months.


A cloth mask that is 100% cotton will be the lightest and most breathable fabric. That being said it will then need to be made of multiple layers. Ideally, a cloth mask would be washed after each use. This means I would recommend you have several on hand for your visit to any Disney property. You are going to get hot and sweaty. If you are staying for more than one day you will likely need more than one mask. If you have an allergy-prone kid like mine he may also sneeze, a lot. So a spare mask is a must.

Face Mask.


In the outpatient setting I work in we have all been given brown paper bags to store our reusable/disposable masks in when not in use. When you take your mask off to eat or drink you need to place in it a clean environment. I recommend making a plan for this. Put your masks in a paper bag or place them between paper napkins while eating or drinking.


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Ok, so how do we keep our sunglasses and regular glasses from fogging up!? My advice is two-fold. I have used this trick at work ( where I have to wear goggles). First, make sure your mask fits tightly around the nose so the air you exhale escapes through the bottom of the mask. Next, wash your glasses with soap and water and allow to air dry. The soap acts as a repellant and decreases the fog on your lenses.


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Shield yourself from extra sun and heat with a hat. A good hat is crucial in my opinion anyway. Saving yourself from the extra sun and possible mask tan lines may be key! Also, I recommend my staple must-have park essential, the handheld fan. ( see what else we keep in our bags here). This fan will keep you cool, mask, or no mask!

Do you have any tips or tricks to share about wearing a face-covering in the Florida heat? Any thoughts on wearing masks in the summer heat?

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