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Top 5 Reasons You Should Stay at The All- Star Music Resort

One of the highlights of any Disney trip is the resort. You always want to make sure that you picked a good one! With that in mind, sometimes people shy away from the Value Resorts. People think that just because it has the word “Value” in it, that it won’t be a great resort. But that isn’t the case at all!

I am going to start a series on the All-Star Resorts starting with the first Value Resort I have ever stayed at– Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. To be honest, we picked this resort because it was the cheapest resort for the week that we wanted to go. We didn’t pick it because we are music lovers; we picked it because of the price. But, we were very pleasantly surprised with what we got! In this article, I will try to show you why you should stay here on your next Disney trip.

1. Theming

Nicole Ellington

Honestly, the All-Star Music Resort is very cute! It’s bright, colorful, and happy! There is no way that you won’t be in a good mood while staying at this resort. Each section is themed to a different genre of music: Country, Broadway, Jazz, Rock, and Calypso. So, there really is something for everyone! Depending on what section/building you are staying at, will depend on what music they have playing in the background.

2. Size

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The last time we stayed here, we stayed in probably the farthest room possible from the lobby. We were waaayyy in the back corner. And I am not exaggerating. Honestly, the first day, I was disappointed. I thought that the walk from the way back of the resort to the bus stop every morning would be a drag. But it actually wasn’t! The way the resort is situated, I felt like the walk from the back to the front was not that bad at all, even after a long day of playing in the parks.

3. Buses

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I have stayed at every level of resort before, and honestly, the buses have been the best at All-Star Music! They seem to come more often than at the other resorts that I have stayed at. We never waited longer than 10 minutes for a bus to pick us up. True, sometimes the All-Star Resorts share buses, but that has never been an issue for us. I found when they did share buses, they tended to use a double-size bus so there was room for everyone. Also, this only happened twice on our week-long trip.

4. Food

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Okay, so I know most of you probably don’t associate Value Resorts with good food, but the food choices here are pretty great! We ate three separate times at our resort — one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner. For breakfast, you can get anything from omelets, to breakfast flatbreads, to breakfast burgers, to the ever-popular Mickey Waffles! You can get your traditional American breakfast, too. Also, the French Toast Bread Pudding is pretty good! Plus, there are tons of pastries to try out. 

Lunch and dinner have similar menus, but there is some switch-over. Some of the yummiest options for lunch and dinner are Ratatouille, Whiskey BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Seared Mahi Mahi, Plant-Based Polenta Cake, Fresh Berry and Walnut Salad, Burgers, Pizza, and so so much more! There is really is something for everyone! (Even a picky eater like my 4-year-old son, but that’s another blog post.)

5. Pools

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There are two pools here, but my son was OBSESSED with the main pool and wanted to swim here every day. The main pool is guitar-shaped and is located in the Calypso section. This pool features a fountain of the Three Caballeros in the center — very cute and very fun! There is a kiddie/splash pool right next to this main pool, perfect for the little kiddos who don’t swim. During the day, there are activities and even a pool party. In the evening, they have “Movie Under the Stars” where they set up an inflatable huge movie screen is right near the pool. There is always something going on here!

If active isn’t your thing, try the “quiet” pool in the Rock section. This pool is shaped like a piano and features a Little Mermaid statue. There are no activities going on at this pool, so this one tends to be the quieter, less crowded one. As a note, there are no towels offered at this pool, unlike at the guitar pool where they offer them for free. So, just make sure you bring your own towel for this pool.

Now that I have given you my Top 5 reasons to stay at this resort, here are some facts about this place:

  • Resort Category: Value
  • Room size: The regular room is 260 square feet with 2 double beds or 1 king bed. The family suite is 520 square feet.
  • Room Features:   The regular rooms have 2 double beds, a table with 2 chairs, an entertainment center with a beverage cooler and television, bathtub and toilet inside the bathroom, vanity with single sink located in the closet area with a curtain to close off the area from the room. The family suites have a queen bed, a pull-out sofa, and an ottoman and chair sleeper. The suite sleeps 6. It features a kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and coffee maker.
  • Room count:  1920 rooms
  • Food options: The Intermission Hall Food Court is open from 6 am to 11 pm. You can also have pizza delivered to your rooms from 5 pm to 12 am. There is also a poolside bar right outside of the Guitar Pool.
  • Jogging Trail:  There is an approximately 1.5 mile jogging trail surrounding Disney’s All-Star Resort complex.
Nicole Ellington
Distance from parks by bus: These are approximate times to and from the parks to the resort.
  • Animal Kingdom – 10 minutes
  • Hollywood Studios – 10 minutes
  • Disney  Springs– 15 minutes
  • Epcot – 15 minutes
  • Magic Kingdom – 18 minutes

Do love the All-Star Music Resort? Have you ever stayed here or plan to in the future? Let me know in the comments below or tag me @DisneyDreamCo on Instagram with any of your All-Star Music Resort photos!

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