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Disney World with Kids- Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy in the Long Lines

Disney World with Kids: Let’s face it, if you are in Disney World for any amount of time, chances are you will be waiting for something. Whether it’s waiting in line for a ride, waiting for a show to start, or waiting for your dining reservation- Disney = waiting. As adults, the waiting can be hard for us. But for kids, 30+ minutes can seem like an eternity! Never fear! I have some great tips to keep those little ones entertained (and dare I say quiet) while waiting in those lines.

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Play Disney App

Did you know that Disney has this really amazing (and not to mention super cute) app! Its called the Play Disney App! You can click here to download it. This app will let you play Disney Music, play games, collect achievements, and answer trivia questions! The best part of this app is that what you can do really depends on where you are in the parks. So, it’s very interactive with your vacation experience
and tons of fun!

Magnetic Play Set- Disney World with Kids

Disney World with kids

These things are seriously a lifesaver! I use this type of thing whenever I know we are going someplace where I’ll need my son to sit still for a while. They are light enough to throw into your bag and take out when you need them. This can seriously keep my son entertained for a long time. I will post some links below to some really cute Disney ones that you can purchase for yourself! (Thanks, Amazon Prime!)

Cars themed: Click Here

Finding Dory themed: Click Here

Disney Princess themed: Click Here

Mickey and Friends themed: Click Here

Grab and Go Coloring Packs

Disney World with kids

You could always just stick with a classic —
crayons and a mini notebook. Again, these are super light and easy to throw into a bag and take out when needed. The great thing about coloring packs like these is that kids get to be as creative as they want with just a few items. To purchase what’s in the photo above, click here!


Disney World with kids

Another simple and easy idea! I don’t know about your kids, but stickers keep my son entertained for ages! They have a similar appeal to the magnetic set, so it’s really just a matter of your child’s preference. Either way, I’m sure this will keep your kids entrained while they are waiting. To purchase what’s in the photo above, click here!

Sorting Your Pin Collection or Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

Nicole Ellington

My son loves to sort through things. So, encouraging him to look through his pin collection or his Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards is a great way to entertain him. An added bonus for this activity is that we always have some of these on hand while in the parks.

If you don’t know much about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (IT’S FREE) check out all of the info you need to know about it here!

Also, If you are new to pin trading, check out a beginner’s guide to pin trading here!

Play I Spy

This game, or any other little game that you can come up with, is a great way to kill the time. It’s also a great way to really observe the things around you. So often, we are rushing right through Disney. With this game, you are kind of forced to stop and take in the details around you.

Eat a Snack

Nicole Ellington

You have 40 minutes (or more) waiting in line for a ride; why not have a snack? Food for sure is a great distractor for kids (and adults alike). One thing though, if you chose to have a snack in line, please be mindful of what you are eating. Make sure you don’t leave any trash or mess in the line. Grab an easy snack like a Mickey pretzel or goldfish — something simple and easy that doesn’t make a mess.

Play the ‘Get to Know You’ game- Disney version

This is a great game to get the whole family involved! Come up with your own list, or use the list below!

Space Mountain or Splash Mountain?

Mickey Pretzel or Mickey Waffle?

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Happily Ever After at MK or Illuminations at Epcot?

What’s your Favorite Disney ride?

Soarin’ or Flight of Passage?

Mickey or Goofy?

What’s your favorite Disney Movie?

Minnie or Daisy?

What’s your favorite land in Magic Kingdom?

Dole Whip or milkshake?

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror?

What is your favorite Disney resort?

Who has better ice powers, Elsa or Frozone?

Who is your favorite Disney Sidekick?

Monorail or Ferry?

Slinky Dog or Mine Train?

Who do you think is the best/worse Disney Villain?

What is your favorite Disney Song?

It’s A Small World or Peter Pan’s Flight?

Their Favorite Little Toy- Disney World with Kids

Nicole Ellington

Throwing a couple of racecars, or any other little toys that your child loves, in your park bag can provide a great way to keep little ones busy for a while. I will always have a car or two in my bag (again, they are nice and light and easy to pack), and hand them to my son when I see he is starting to get antsy. Nothing cures an antsy kid like their favorite toy.

Download the app ‘Heads Up’

This app is incredibly fun and simple to use! All you have to do it hold the phone on your head, and have your family try to give you hints and clues to the word or phrase that shows up. The game comes with a ton of categories, from naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents — you can even make your own deck! The options are endless with this game and you are for sure not to be bored while playing it.

Water Wow Books

Disney World with kids

If you want something that’s a little more reusable then crayons and paper, try out these Water Wow Books! Not only are they reusable, so your kiddo has tons of playtime on this thing, but I also find that new things like this, something my kid has never seen before, will keep them entertained for a whole lot longer! The way it works is you fill-up the pen with water, and then use this pen to draw on the pages. When the pages get wet, the color will appear. After a while, once the pages dry, the color will disappear, and your child can use it again! Below I will link to some really cute ones that you can purchase for yourself.

Under the Sea themed: Click Here

Safari themed: Click Here

Fairy Tale themed: Click Here

Space themed: Click Here

Dinosaur themed: Click Here

Play the Categories Game- Disney World with Kids

Categories is a fun game to play with the kids while waiting! The way you play is that one person thinks of a category. Everyone takes turns (in order) thinking of something in the category. If an item is repeated or if the person cannot think of something, they are out. You keep going until there is only one person left. Possible Categories: Disney Characters, Disney Snacks, Disney Songs, Disney Villains, Disney Rides, etc. You get the point. Just have fun!

Pass Them Your Phone-Disney World with Kids

This is usually my LAST resort. It’s not because I don’t allow screen time for my kid- believe me, he gets plenty of that at home. I would just rather have my son play games, draw in his notebook, or play with his favorite toy while on vacation. But sometimes none of those things will cut it- and a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do. I usually have 2 or 3 apps downloaded on my phone at all times that are something that my 5-year-old son would enjoy. He is really loving Fruit Ninja right now, so that’s my go-to when it comes to phone time for him.

Disney World with kids: Do you have fun activities that you do with your kids while waiting around Disney World? I would love to hear it! Let me know in the comments down below.

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