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Hidden Mickey Hunt- Wilderness Lodge

Looking for some socially distant and free fun at Disney? Then the Hidden Mickey Hunt throughout the Wilderness Lodge is for you. This is a great way to explore this beautiful resort.

The hidden Mickey hunt at the Wilderness Lodge has two separate hunts. One is located all around the main Wilderness Lodge property. The second is contained in the Boulder Ridge DVC Villa Lobby/area.

This may not hold the interest of littles under the age of 5, at least in our experience. This is a great activity to pass time on a rainy day or waiting for that Florida storm to pass. This is also a great activity if you need an escape from the Florida heat.

Wilderness Lodge, Hidden Mickey hunt

Having a fun activity that is on your own time or pace is great for a variety of reasons. This activity can be completed over the course of several days, any time of the day. A hidden Mickey hunt is a great arrival day activity, explore the resort, and get the lay of the land at the same time. Additionally, in the time of COVID where park time may be limited this is a great family fun activity.

Wilderness lodge, Hidden Mickey hunt

I won’t spoil where all the hidden Mickey’s are but I will share the cute prize we received at the end. A Wilderness Lodge Button! A fun souvenir that is free and you can earn!

What is your favorite way to explore resorts?

Hidden Mickey hunt

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