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Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar at Disney Springs

The Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar is located in Disney Springs on the third floor of the Coca-Cola Store. We visited this location in June during the COVID implemented changes so your experience may not be the same as ours in the future.

This beverage bar is located on the top floor of the Coca-Cola store and offers some great views of Disney Springs. During this time of social distancing, they made some changes to entry and exit. You can walk up a ramp or take an elevator to reach the top. One way paths are clearly marked. They have limited the number of people allowed upstairs at a time so we did have to wait, less than ten minutes. Every other table was marked as closed and staff was quick to clean up behind guests.

Coke Beverage Bar, Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar

As you can imagine most of the options here at the Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar are Coca-Cola beverages. There were very few snacks available and a mind-blowing number of carbonated beverages to choose from. There were several Coke freestyle machines at this location that were currently closed. Never fear though there were still plenty of choices!

Just to give you an idea of the choices available: Floats, ICEE, mocktails, cocktails, flights of soda, international beverages, and everything in between. If you are missing Club Cool at Epcot this may be a good alternative. This is a soda drinker’s dream spot.

Coke tray, Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar

Our family does not actually drink a lot of pop/soda. The boys do love a good sprite and loved visiting Club Cool. I thought it would be fun to try the international tray. For $15 we received 16 samples of Coca-Cola Beverages. As you can see the cups were about half full. This was way too many drinks for us to consume. We took turns trying out all the different choices. It was a fun little experiment. They even had Beverly! The tray had beverages from all over the world, some were good, some were…. interesting.

international tray, Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar

As long as you don’t mind sharing this would be great for a big group. You could taste them all or divide them up. I don’t regret the tray but might have enjoyed a good old fashioned coke, they have the kind in the glass bottle from Mexico, my favorite.

Of note, this bar area is undercover but open, no Air Conditioner. They had some giant fans moving the air around but it was still pretty hot in June. I imagine this is an ideal spot in the Florida winter when the temperature is more tolerable.

I also thought the Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar was a great place to visit that is normally off our radar. A fun place to have a cool drink, they have something for everyone.

Consider checking out this spot on your next trip to Orlando.

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