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Top 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday at Disney World

Birthday at Disney: A famous man once said, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”  Any guesses on who said that? Anyone? Well, I’m hoping that you all said Walt Disney. And boy was he right. Walt gave us one of the greatest gifts of all, a place where we can be children at heart forever. And what better place to take our actual children to celebrate their birthdays?! Birthdays are already magical, but imagine how amazing they could be if they were celebrated a birthday at Disney! Hopefully, this article will help you make that special day a little more magical.

Disney World Birthday Buttons

birthday at Disney
Nicole Ellington

 These are a MUST for birthdays celebrated in the parks! And better yet, they’re free! What is a birthday button and how do you get one? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Disney has many “Celebration” buttons that they will give to you for free- from honeymoon themed, to birthday themed, to a general “I’m celebrating…” with a fill-in-the-blank. And these buttons are pretty much available everywhere. If you are staying at a Disney World resort, you can pick them up at check-in. If you aren’t staying at a resort, or you just left the buttons in your room, guest services at all the parks should have them. I have also seen some cashiers at gift shops have them, too. Once, while walking down Main Street, I saw a Cast Member with a cart full of them, asking everyone that walked by if they were celebrating anything. These things are everywhere. What are the benefits of wearing them? The truth is, maybe nothing. If you go to Disney while wearing one of these buttons, expecting magical things to happen to you at every corner, you will be disappointed. Now, that doesn’t mean that a little pixie dust won’t be sent your way. Sometimes, cast members will give you a free dessert, free stickers, and things like that. It honestly really just depends on who crosses your path. But one thing is for sure, you or your child will be hearing “Happy Birthday” all day! You can also purchase from Disney a Mickey ears “Happy Birthday” hat. That will really make you stand out! These are available to purchase throughout WDW shops.

Dining Reservations for a Disney Birthday

birthday at Disney
Nicole Ellington

If you are making a dining reservation, make sure you mention it’s your child’s birthday! It honestly depends on the restaurant, but your child will generally get some type of birthday dessert along with a birthday song! At San Angel Inn in Mexico at Epcot’s World Showcase, my sister received a Traditional Vanilla Flan with candles on it, while the cast member sang her Happy Birthday in Spanish! It was a really neat experience. At Chef Mickey’s, my son received a plate with a cupcake, lots of cookies, and covered in sprinkles! They also brought him over a birthday card signed by Mickey and friends. It was a really special and fun moment.

Disney Floral and Gifts

Looking to surprise your little one with balloons, cake, or maybe a present? Well then check out Disney Floral and Gifts! If you are staying on site, simply call or visit their website to see all of the fun options that can be waiting for your little prince or princess in their resort room! Disney Floral & Gifts.

Decorate for the Disney Birthday!!

If you stay on site, chances are that you’ve seen decorated room windows at one of the Disney hotels. This is a super fun and easy way to let your kids feel special. Before you head to Disney, go to the Dollar Store and pick up some party essentials. Don’t forget the tape! Once you get to your room, decorate the window and the door!

Let Them Plan the Day!

Nicole Ellington

Does your child have a favorite park? Let them do the planning for the day! When its time to choose the FastPasses (60 days in advance for on-site guests, 30 days in advance for off-site guests), let them hold the reins. Or maybe they are a huge fan of swimming in one of Disney’s Resorts’ amazing pools. Let them pick what they get to do that day. After all, it is their birthday.

Book a Special Event

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Then book a special event. There are tons of extra-special things that you can book (for an extra cost) for your kiddo and family. How about a firework dessert party? Or maybe tea at the Grand Floridian Resort? Or maybe your little one likes to get dressed up? The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or Pirates League would be a great choice! Not only are they great for just for the experiences, but the photos you can get of your kids all dressed up on their birthdays as either a princess or a pirate are priceless! If those two options are just a little more than what you are looking for, try a pixie dust sprinkled haircut on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. If you have older kids, maybe book one of Disney’s many tours. The options are endless when it comes to Disney and special events.

Schedule a Wake-Up Call

If you are staying at a Disney Resort, schedule a wake-up call on your kiddo’s special day! Use your in-room phone to make the schedule. As of right now, you can not pick out what character will call your room to wake you up. But in the past, we have had Mickey, Stitch, and Olaf. What better way to wake up then having one of your favorite pals call you and tell you it’s time to start your day! (and it’s free!)

birthday at Disney
Nicole Ellington

*Sadly, Club Cool is not open anymore. But I am hoping Disney opens it back up again when they are done with the Epcot renovations!

Get a FREE Frozen drink!

While at Epcot, head over to Club Cool. This place is famous (or infamous) for its variety of soda samples from around the world! After you are done tasting all of the yummy (or not so yummy) drinks, head to the back of this shop. There is a counter that you can buy frozen soda, lemon aid, or fruit drinks from. But, if you tell them it’s your kids birthday, you will get one for free!

Is there anything that you do while celebrating a birthday at Disney? Let me know in the comments down below! Also, if you have a photo of them celebrating in the Happiest Place on Earth, tag me on Instagram at @DisneyDreamCo. I would love to see how you celebrate!

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birthday at Disney

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