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Things You Should Buy BEFORE Going to Disney World

Here at Disney Dream Co., we love to save money! Jen has a whole host of money-saving (or money-earning) blog posts! Make sure to check those out. Anyway, buying things in the parks can be super expensive! So you might as well save some money and purchase them before your trip! Here is a list of things that you should buy before heading to Disney World to save you money for Disney.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through this link, it will come at no extra cost to you. The prices that are posted were correct at the time of me posting this article. Prices can change at any moment. Also, everything was in stock when I posted this article. Again, stock can change at any moment.

1. Minnie Ears


Who doesn’t want a pair of Minnie Ears while adventuring through the parks? I know I do! But have you seen the cost of Minnie Ears that they sell there? They are pretty expensive! Or, you can buy them before you leave for your vacation! The pair shown above is only $12.99! They come in a bunch of different colors and the price range is from $7.99-$13.99 Click here to purchase!

Another option is to buy from a small shop on Etsy, they might be more money than the ones above, but you can really get something that is personal to you!

2. Autograph Books


Kids (and adults alike) love to meet the Disney characters! And something that is really fun to do while meeting them is to collect as many autographs as you can! Sure, you can buy a book while at Disney, but for much more money. This book shown above is only $8.75. And it even comes with its own pen! Click here to purchase it!

As of right now, Disney World is not having the characters sign autograph books. This is just due to the Pandemic right now. I am sure this will go back to normal once restrictions are lifted.

3. Lanyard


Lanyards are essential if you are going to Pin trade! Lanyards are a great way to show off your pins that you want to trade or keep! Buying one online will for sure save you money than purchasing in the parks. The one in the picture is only $4.50! Plus it comes with super cute Mickey and Friends on it! Click here to purchase!

4. Disney Pins


Pins can be so expensive! If you look through the Disney shops, you can spend a lot of dough on these things! What my son and I like to do before out Disney trips is to buy a random bulk pack online. Now, this won’t work if you are looking for a certain pin, but if you like the element of surprise, then this is for you! And at the price of $31.97 for 25 pins, this makes for such a great deal! Click here to purchase!

5. Hand Held Cooling Fan

save money for Disney

The first thing that you need to know about Florida is that it’s HOT! Especially if you are from a northern state (like me). I can still feel like I am melting in January in Florida. So a fan is essential! The shops at Disney sell similar ones, but why not buy one beforehand for cheaper? This one is only $17.99 and comes in a few different colors. Click here to purchase!

6. Battery Pack

save money for Disney

Now Disney sells something similar in the parks, but for $30. This lightweight battery pack is $24. A battery pack is great and something that I always pack with me in my park bag. I literally take hundreds of photos a day, so my phone battery dies quickly. With this handy dandy gadget, I don’t have to worry about my phone dying. Click here to purchase!

7. Ponchos

save money for Disney

Another thing that you need to know about Florida… it rains… a lot! If you are there for more than a day, chances are that it will rain at least once while your there, if not every day. I like to take ponchos for my family because they are lightweight and easy to pack. They sell ponchos at Disney World, but they are about $9 per poncho and only come in one size. This pack comes with a total of 8: 4 adult sizes and 4 kids sizes! The pack for all 8 is only $13.99. Click here to purchase!

8. Glow Toys

save money for Disney

Once the sun goes down, the glow carts come out! You know what I am talking about. It never fails, I always see kids begging their parents for one of these toys from the cart. And if you end up buying one for each kid, it can get expensive! So buy them something before you get to the parks, and save some dough. Like these glow Minnie Mouse Ears! Not only are they cute, but they only cost $7.99! Click here to purchase!

I also go to my local Dollar Store and buy my son a hand full of glow sticks before each trip. No, they might not be as ‘cool’ as the ones that they sell at Disney, but my 4 year old son doesn’t notice and it saves me a lot of cash!

Hope this helps you save money for Disney! Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

The prices that are posted were correct at the time of me posting this article. Prices can change at any moment. Also, everything was in stock when I posted this article. Again, stock can change at any moment.

This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing any of these items will not cost you any more, but we will get a small percentage of the price of the item. This money will go back into the website to keep it up and running, Thanks so much!

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