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Best Places for the Kiddos to Take a Nap at Disney World

Naps at Disney World: Naptime. These are the words that parents hear that cause them to either tremble with fear or do a happy dance. No matter how you feel about nap time, if you have kids, you know how important it is for those little ones to get their much-needed sleep. (It’s for their own good, not ours, right?) So here is my list of semi-quiet places around the World to get those naps in.

Magic Kingdom– Naps at Disney World

Nicole Ellington

1. Magic Kingdom Railroad

Does your child like to take naps during long drives in the car? If so, this is probably the best spot for you. This ride isn’t overly crowded, so it makes for a decent area for them to sleep. The best part about this ride is that you can travel on the train nonstop and never have to get off. You can stay on for as long as your kid naps. Bonus point is that you will get a great view of the kingdom while you little prince or princess sleeps. They will have to sleep in your arms, though, because you either have to fold up the stroller or leave it at the station. As a warning, sometimes the tracks can be little squeaky, so if your little one is sensitive to the occasional loud squeaks, you might want to pass on this one.

2. Tom Sawyer’s Island

Lots of people completely skip this area of Magic Kingdom, so this is a great area to escape the madness. Find a bench under a tree and cool down while your little one sleeps.

3. Main Street

I know what you are thinking – Main Street is a good place to naps at Disney World?? The most crowded part of Magic Kingdom, if not all of Disney World?!? But let me explain… There is the ‘side street’ right off Main Street that many people just rush by on the way to wherever they’re going. It comes right after Uptown Jewelers. At the end of this little road, there are a few tables and chairs. So before you make your way over there, grab your favorite drink from Starbucks. Once your there, connect to the free wifi and catch up on Instagram while your child snoozes away.

4. Hub Grass

This spot has become trendy and has a following, so it can be hit or miss if it’s crowded or not. But, if it’s not crowded, this is the perfect place to park the stroller and relax. Make sure to grab a hot dog from Casey’s Corner first so you can eat while the kiddos sleep. This is also the perfect place to let the older kids, who may not want to nap, run around while the little ones sleep. Also, you can’t beat the view from here!

5. Tomorrowland PeopleMover-

The PeopleMover might be a good place to get those kids down for a nap, even if it’s just a short one. This can be a great spot as its semi-slow moving, and, at times, dark. There is also just something so comforting about the sights and sounds of this ride.

EPCOT– Naps at Disney World

Nicole Ellington

  1. Spaceship Earth

Now, this isn’t a very long ride, but its dark, quiet, air-conditioned, and slow-moving. It’s perfect to get those kiddos down for a nap. You will have to carry them to the stroller once the ride is done, but let’s cross our fingers and hope they stay asleep after.

  2. World Showcase-

I personally think that strolling through the gardens of Japan or the UK, or near the waterfalls of Canada is the perfect place for those kiddos to take their naps at Disney World. Grab your favorite snack from around the world, head to one of those spots, and just stroll around enjoying the scenery as you snack while your kid is napping in the stroller. Something to keep an eye out though… Epcot is full of entertainment, so just make sure that there won’t be a musical performance about to start 5 minutes into their sleep.

  3. American Adventure-

Maybe it’s the patriotic part of me, but I had a hard time putting this down as a sleeping place. This 30-minute show is amazing, but it may not keep the kids entertained. It’s the perfect length if your child needs a short nap. The theater is also cool and dark. The show can get a little loud at some spots, but after a long day in the heat, just the comfy seats, darkroom, and cool air will be enough to put anyone to sleep.

Hollywood Studios– Naps at Disney World

Nicole Ellington

1. Near the Tower of Terror

Now, Hollywood Studios is a tricky place to find good areas to take naps at. There aren’t very many ‘nap friendly’ areas and a lot of our favorite nap places are gone (RIP Streets of America ). But there are still a few hidden gems left. If you walk towards Hollywood Studios, you will notice that there are a few quiet, hidden areas that might make a great place for the kids to lay down in the stroller. Bonus Points: there is a Joffery’s Coffee cart right there to fo you to get your daily caffeine intake while your kid snoozes away.

  2. The Journey of the Little Mermaid-

This is a very dark and cool place, perfect for a quick nap! I would suggest sitting in the back row if you are looking to get a quick nap in just so you are farther away from the singing mermaids and marine life.

Animal Kingdom– Naps at Disney World

Naps at Disney World
Nicole Ellington

  1. Oasis Exhibits-  

This is a great place to get those little ones to nap. Find this gem right before the bridge to Discovery Island. There are 6 different animal exhibits to look at so you can entertain the big kids while the little ones nap in the stroller. There is also a nice little cove, kind of like a cave there. It’s dark, quiet, and has benches. Perfect for relaxing.

  2. Songs of the Rainforest

Okay, this one is just begging for a nap (sorry Grandmother Willow). It’s dark, quiet, private, has comfy chairs, and has the sounds of the rainforest to lull you into a slumber. After taking a ride on the Wilderness Express train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, join Grandma Willow for a journey through a rainforest. The Song of the Rainforest is located inside the Conservation Station.

  3. Discovery Island Trails-

Take a peaceful stroll around the Tree of Life and let your little ones relax while you take in the beautiful scenery. Generally, it’s a pretty shady area, so it’s a great way to escape the heat. There is also a section that you walk under the waterfall. The sound of the waterfall, plus the shady area is a great place to relax. This is my favorite Naps at Disney World location!

4. Flame Tree BBQ:

This quick-service dining has a HUGE outdoor seating with some really great views! Grab some lunch, find a quiet table in the shade, and let the snoozing begin!

Honorable mentions-Naps at Disney World

Naps at Disney World
Nicole Ellington

  1. Your Resort-

If you are staying on property at one of Disney’s many resorts, take advantage of the easy transportation and head back to the resort for an hour or two! This way, your whole family (including mom and dad) can easily nap and be refreshed for the second part of the day.

  2. Baby Care Centers-

Every park has one! Just look at the map or ask the nearest cast member to find out where they are. These are great facilities that really help you take care of your little one. There are private nursing areas that are dimly lit and quiet, and equipped with a rocking chair! Perfect for those babies that need to be rocked to sleep in mommy’s arms.

Don’t underestimate the power of a nap, even at the Most Magical Place on Earth. With your kids (and yourself) fully rested, you can go on and have a magical day!

Do you and your kids have a favorite Naps at Disney World place? Do you have any napping tips for kids while at the paks? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any photos of your favorite napping spots, tag me on Instagram @DisneyDreamCo. I would love to see them! Don’t forget to share this on Facebook and Pinterest!

naps at Disney World
Naps at Disney World

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