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Best Place to Get The Wiggles Out at Disney World

Get The Wiggles Out at Disney World: Standing in lines for rides. Standing in lines for food. Standing in lines to meet characters. Standing in the same spot for a long time waiting for the parade or fireworks to start. I think you get the point. While at Disney, you will be doing A LOT of standing. And as adults, that can be tough for us. But imagine the kids? They need to get that energy out somehow! And Disney knows that. That’s why they have created little spaces all over the parks to let your kids run around and get the wiggles out while you sit and relax (and if you’re anything like me, time to sit a drink your Starbucks Blonde Iced Latte).

Magic Kingdom

Nicole Ellington

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh– While standing in that queue, there is a great little play area! There are fun, interactive little activities for the young ones to do. So, even if that ride has a longer line, don’t be afraid to go on it. The kids will have a great time playing around.

The Dumbo Ride- Okay, this is my FAVORITE play area to get the wiggles out at Disney World (because it’s inside and air-conditioned and my New England skin can’t take the Florida heat for too long). But honestly, it’s really cool! When my son saw it for the first time, he was in awe! It has a great playground for the older kids and a cute little section for the younger ones. The best part is…. There is seating for us old, tired parents who just want to sit down while the kids play! And, while your kids are running around getting their energy out, you are still waiting in line for Dumbo. Right before you enter the playground area, a cast member will give you a buzzer-looking thing. You hold on to that while your kids play. Once that buzzer goes off, it’s your turn to fly with Dumbo! It’s pretty neat!

Splash Mountain- Right off the exit of this amazing ride, there is a little playground. This is a perfect stop for the younger kiddos to play, while the older kids ride Splash Mountain. If you are using rider swap, this is a great area to wait.

Casey Jr Splash N’ Soak- This fun little section is right outside Dumbo in New Fantasyland. As the name suggests, kids will get soaked. Either bring a change of clothes or just let them dry out in the hot Florida sun afterwards. (Parent Tip: There is a great shop right next to the splash area called Big Top Souvenirs. While the other parent is watching the kiddos, slip in there and get yourself a Mickey-shaped rice crispy treat or another fun snack. The kids will be so busy playing that you won’t have to share. Cue Maui…. “You’re welcome!”)


Nicole Ellington

Splash Pad– Right as you are walking to the World Showcase over the bridge, there is a little splash pad. This is a great little place for your kids to run around for a few minutes and cool down.

Mission: SPACE– Right at the exit area of this thrill-seeking ride, there is a great interactive area for younger kids and older kids alike. The younger Space Explorers can get the wiggles out by crawling around at the very interactive playground. The older kids can come together and play some video games all about Mars! This is another great spot to wait around if utilizing the rider swap.

UK Pavilion– Did you know that there is a children’s hedge maze in the back of the UK Pavilion? I didn’t until recently. The hedges are less than two feet high, so this way even the smallest of Mickey fans can play safely while the parents relax.

Flower and Garden Festival–  I know that the Flower and Garden Festival is only a few months out of the year, but if you go during these few months, you are bound to see a playground pop up among the beautiful flowers! The playgrounds are different every year, but they tend to be towards the beginning of the World Showcase.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Playground– Get your playing on with this fun and exciting playground! This area was introduced at the 2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. It was rumored to be just for the Festival, but now it will be a permanent addition to the park. It supposedly will change themes and sponsors seasonally. To start, it’s presented by Ralph Breaks The Internet. This playground is located on the Test Track side of Mouse Gear. 

Animal Kingdom

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The Bone Yard– Now, this area is pretty cool. Your kiddos can climb, run, and crawl through this archaeological dig site. There is even a section where you can go digging for dinosaur bones! Your kids will for sure love it here. The last time we were there, my three year old spent well over an hour just running around, having a blast!

Pandora- There is a section of Pandora right in front of the two rides where the kids can run around and play the drums while you take in the beautiful sights and sounds.

The Discovery Trails– These trails are a great place to get those kids moving! While you are walking along, take in the site and learn all about the animals you pass by.

Hollywood Studios

So… here’s the thing with Hollywood Studios… it’s currently under a lot of construction. So as I’m writing this, there is no technical play area in the Studios. I’m hoping that will change once Galaxy’s Edge opens up. Once it does, I will be sure to update this article.

Disney World Resorts

Nicole Ellington

I’m not going to make a separate list of each resort, but a lot of the resorts have really nice playgrounds (and not to mention, amazing pools!)! Need a break in the middle of the day? Go back to the resort! Let the kids play at the playground for an hour while you grab a cup of coffee and relax. Then head back to the parks recharged and ready to go!

Did you know about these areas? Did you learn of a new place to get the wiggles out at Disney World? Do you and your kids have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below or tag me in photos of your favorite wiggle place at @DisneyDreamCo on Instagram! Get The Wiggles Out at Disney World

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