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Nine Online Side Hustles That Can Help You Save Money for a Disney Vacation

Trust me I get it. Extra time is hard to come by. Sometimes extra money for Disney is hard to come by too. Before you stop me and say you don’t have time for an online side hustle consider my top ten favorites. I am sure you can find at least one option you can fit into your day.

In full disclosure, I am a full time working mom of two boys with a husband who also works full time.  I fit my side hustle in when I wake up early to have a cup of hot coffee, or as I wait in the parent pick up line or while waiting for Tae Kwon Do to be over. The key is being patient and not expecting a large payout right away. Saving pennies can add up.  Also, any referral codes listed will benefit me, however, there is no obligation to use them!

  1. Bing Rewards (

This takes 3 minutes of my day as I click through the daily news stories and take one daily quiz. You can cash out for gift cards at $5. I make about $10 a month. That’s enough money for both of my boys to have a classic Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

Mickey Bar, Ice Cream,Disney
Nicole Ellington

2. Disney Movie Rewards

If you buy Disney movies or watch Disney movies at the theater you really need to join this program.  You can earn points by entering the code found inside the DVDs you purchase, by submitting ticket stubs or answering Disney questions in quizzes. The points can be redeemed for Disney merch or gift cards!

3. Achievement

This app pays you for walking/running and answering the occasional survey. You can connect almost any type of step counting device via this app and that’s it! The more you move the more you make. This is the lowest payout on my list but also the least amount of work. I average $20-30 a year. You can also find an incentive to join through  # 10 on my list. If you don’t have any extra time this is the place to start. It will be like finding a $20 in the washer at the end of the year! Plus it’s enough to by some mystery pin packs at Disney.

disney pins

4.  My Points

The website has multiple ways to earn. I spend about 5-10 minutes a day and make around $5-10 a month. This site can be used as a shopping portal where you can get money back on online purchases, complete surveys, and other tasks to earn points. I typically complete the Daily 5 list and attempt a few surveys. I saved enough to buy a refillable popcorn bucket and a few refills at Disney.

5. Fetch Rewards ( WM5NF)

This app gives you points for snapping pictures of your grocery receipts. This is a slow earner for me. However, it takes very little time commitment and rewards you for each receipt. Enough for about 2 quick service meals a year.

6. Ibotta(ybjjja)

Nicole Ellington

This app pays you for snapping pictures of your receipts. Think of it as a coupon in the app after you make your purchase. This app takes a little planning as you need to select items that you have purchased prior to snapping a picture. I earn enough to buy about 10 lattes on Main Street a year.

7. Shopkick( Save010291 )

Dole Whip Float, Dole Whip
Nicole Ellington

This app gives you points when walking into specific stores and also when you scan specific items with your phone in the store. Again this is a slow earner for me, however, it takes 5 seconds to open the app when I walk into Target or Publix. I’ll take the free points for doing something I do every week.  I can buy four dole whips a year with my savings.

8. Ipso Survey

disney drink

This survey site will reward you for your opinion. You will receive a survey invitation in your email.  The trick is you won’t qualify for all surveys. I complete these when I have time. ( sitting in the back of the Dojang waiting for Tae Kwon Do to be over .) I have done a lot of product tests with this company; deodorant, diapers, plastic wrap… I earn enough for one night blossom a month.

9. Swagbucks

I saved the best for last. Swagbucks is the easiest and fastest way to earn of all the listed options.  This site has both active and passive ways to earn. You can earn by playing videos on your PC and via Apps, surveys, shopping, signing up for special offers, etc. I could write a whole blog post about how to get started. Most of my earning come from videos. and surveys. I average $75-$100 a month. I also wrote about how I use Swagbucks to buy discounted Disney Gift Cards here.

Passholder Entrance

Now you know all my deepest secrets, and how I have money to spend at Disney so often! I have been using all of the top 10 for years. I have been able to save my pennies and buy all sorts of items that are luxuries for my family. Over the years I purchased a patio set, a  robotic vacuum ( my life is forever changed) and this year I have been able to cover the monthly cost of my family’s annual passes to Disney. Start small and set aside 5-10 minutes a day to get started. Let me know how it goes and reach out with any questions. Good Luck!

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I'm Jen. Disney Lover, runner, penny pincher and mother of two boys, We live a few short hours away from Orlando and try to visit often. Follow along for family and adult Disney adventures as well as the occasional non -Disney family adventure.


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