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Our Glamping Adventure

Have you heard the phrase ” The year of the RV?” Well, it is here. Camping is the original social distancing activity. We decided to step up our camping game and rent a camper for the weekend. I am going to tell you all about it and I bet you may be willing to give it a try too.

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First off let me say we have dipped our toe in some camping adventures as a family. One of my all-time favorite places is Fort Wilderness resort and campground during the Christmas holiday season. You can read all about that here. We also were able to explore some of the Florida Keys on a budget with another camping adventure. You can read about that adventure here.

Florida is hot y’all. The keys were amazing but sleeping in a tent on a bed of crushed coral and shells in 80 plus degree weather really made me question my life choices. Enter my quest to own a camper or travel trailer. Camping is great but I really enjoy some AC and a bathroom which doesn’t require shoes and a flashlight to access.

Oscar Sheer Park, rent a camper

Before we invest in such a big purchase I thought it would be a great idea to rent a camper to see what we thought. There are a couple of websites that are similar to Air Bnb. You can look through various styles and sizes and price points of campers or RVs to rent from RV owners. We rented from but you can also use If you use our link for Outdoorsy you can get $50 off your first rental over $200. You can also earn cashback on either site if you are a member of my favorite cashback site If you want to read more about Swagbucks check out my article here.

Here is where it gets good though. The camper we rented was delivered to us and all set up for us! They picked it up and took care of dumping and emptying all the tanks. No-fuss no muss for us. There was a fee associated with the delivery and the dumping of the tanks was included. Totally worth it. If you could go camping with icy cold AC, your own bathroom and shower and someone did all the heavy lifting for you, how could you say no?!

lola, rent a camper

The cutest little camper you ever did see and her name was Lola. ( Loving our little adventures) It came with towels, sheets, and even camping chairs. The camper had a fullish size bed and a dinette that turned into a bed for the boys. My boys are small and 9 and 6 years old currently. If they were any bigger they would not have both fit on the dinette bed. Lola also had a kitchen with a fridge and microwave and oven. We mostly used the outside grill attached to the camper. We also had a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. The boy’s big complaint was that the AC was actually too cold!

Being able to visit a new place but have our own facilities and cook our own food is a huge plus in this season of social distancing. I am sure a lot of us could use a change of scenery right about now.

Fort Wilderness Camping, rent a camper

Lets circle back around to how awesome this would at my favorite campground Fort Wilderness. We also loved staying at the cabins at Fort Wilderness but I love the feel of camping more. There are tons of RVs that are available for delivery in the Orlando area.

A camping weekend is a great way to explore new areas far from and close to home. We took the opportunity to head to a beach that is known for shark teeth. That’s right you can find tons of shark teeth just sifting through the sand or if you have good eyes just strolling along the beach. The beach is called Casperson Beach in case you want to hunt for shark teeth in the future.

What do you think? Will you give glamping a try and rent a camper? Do you have a bucket list camping destination?

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