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Disney Christmas Advent Calendars are Here- And Yes, You Need One!

Disney Christmas Advent Calendar: Is it just me, or did the year 2020 just fly on by? I personally feel like this year was the fastest year on record. With that being said, Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! And nothing says Christmas like a Holiday Advent Calendar.

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Every year, I give my son one of those chocolate advent calendars. And every year, he is so excited for it! Don’t get me wrong, what kid doesn’t want a piece of chocolate every day? But this year, I am going to be giving him one of the Disney Christmas Advent Calenders!

What I love about these is that they are storybooks advent calendars! This means that for 24 days in December, your child will get a new magical tale every day! How cool is that?!

Disney Christmas Advent Calendar

To order the one above, click here!

Each Disney Christmas Advent Calendar includes 24, 24-page small paperback books. They are each individually wrapped in a paper sleeve to keep every story leading up to Christmas a surprise! So fun!!

Another thing that I love about these Disney Christmas Advent Calendars is that there are three different kinds, so there should be something for everyone! The first one (that I posted photos of above) has a collection of all your favorite Disney friends! The second one is Marvel themed and great for that superhero loving kid! And the third one is all about Frozen! (And who doesn’t love Frozen?!)

  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar

Click here to purchase the one above!

Another thing that is so great about this Disney Christmas Advent Calendar is that once your kids open the whole calendar, they now have a new set of books to enjoy! Books are so important for kids. This can be a great way to get your kids to enjoy reading if they aren’t really into it right now. Or if they already do enjoy reading, then to add to their already growing collection!

  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Disney Christmas Advent Calendar

Click here to order the one above!

I personally ordered my son the first one. He loves all Disney friends, so I think that will be the one he enjoys the most! Just as a review, here are the three that you can get!

  1. Disney Friends Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  2. Marvel Disney Christmas Advent Calendar
  3. Frozen Disney Christmas Advent Calendar

Will you be getting one this year? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments down below! Also don’t forget to save this to Pinterest so if you aren’t ready to buy it know, you can save this link for later!

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