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The Cabins at Fort Wilderness- Resort Review

Fort Wilderness is a fantastic resort with lots of family friendly activities to offer. To be fair there are also some great activities for adults only , but we are focusing on the family side of this resort for now. The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are a great options for families.

I have written about what this resort has to offer here. The focus of this piece will be simply to review the cabins and see if they would be a good fit for you family.

The Pros:

The Cabins are individual little houses with a little living room and a partial kitchen. They have a full size refrigerator, dishwasher, and two burner cook top. Each unit has its own deck, picnic table and outdoor grill.

Cabin beadroom

The main bedroom has a queen size bed as well as twin bunk beds. The living room has a full size pull out sofa bed. So if yo are doing the math the cabin has beds for six. You could still fit a pack and lay in the living room if you needed but the bedroom would be tight. There is storage for clothes in the bedroom and living room which is an added bonus.


The cabins do not have laundry but there is laundry service throughout the resort.

The cabins are quiet. You don’t have to worry about noise in your room. Or in our case our kids running and being too loud for our downstairs neighbors.

Transportation around the resort is easiest by golf cart. You can bring your own or rent one on site for around $67 a day at this time this article is published. Although you will have a parking spot at your cabin you will not be able to park at the other locations around the resort ( restaurants, pool boat launch). The resort has its own internal bus service that is both easy to use and frequent.

There is bus service to the parks and boat service to The Magic Kingdom as well as other resorts nearby . You may have to transfer internal buses to get to your final destination.

The Cons:

My one big complaint is that the queen bed is pushed all the way against the wall. Silly, I know but I like to have a side table to put my glasses in the night so I don’t run into the wall in the morning.

The bathroom is not larger or exciting. It is a bathroom fit for a cabin.

Ft Wilderness bathroom

The only other negative is the cost. One night in a cabin can run from $300 to over $400 . If you look at comparable rooms it may not be the best deal on property.

I cannot recommend the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground enough, especially over the holidays. We have camped in December and it is amazing, I have heard that Halloween is amazing as well. I say this a lot but this resort is the perfect example of what I mean when I say there is more to Disney World than just the parks.

Have you visited the campground? Have you stayed in a cabin at Fort Wilderness? What is your take?

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