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Disney Workout Videos While You’re Stuck at Home!

Disney Workout: It is a crazy time we are living in. CRAZY! Everything seems to be closed- from gyms, to nail salons, to even our beloved Disney World and the Disneylands across the globe. But never fear! Here are some great ways to bring the gym and the Disney magic right to your home!

Did you know that there are some great workout videos that you can do at home with your kids right on YouTube? And the best part of it is that they are Disney inspired! (Well, Star Wars and Marvel- but Disney owns them so it counts).

My son and I just did a bunch of these this morning and we had a blast! They are low impact but they at least get you moving around while stuck indoors. The best part is that they are fun and the whole family can take part!

Another thing that I love about these videos is that they are all 3 to 5 minutes long. So if you are new to exercising, these Disney workout videos are not only fun, but they are quick so they are not daunting!

I wanted to thank Glenn Higgins Fitness for making these awesome videos!

Grab your lightsaber and check out some of my favorites!

Kylo Ren Disney Workout

This one was probably my son’s favorite! He does have a true love for all things Dark Side. And who doesn’t love Kylo Ren!?

Avengers Disney Workout

This one is great because it has some of our favorite superheroes showing us how they workout!

Black Panther Disney Workout

This Black Panther will really get the whole family up on their feet and start to move!

Jedi Disney Workout

Train like a Jedi with this awesome at home Star Wars workout!

Spiderman Disney Workout

Who doesn’t want to work out like Spiderman? Here is a fun video that allows you to workout with one of our favorite Avengers!

Obi Wan Star Wars Workout

Learn the ways of the Force with this Disney workout video!

What do you think of these videos? Is this something you and your family will do while you are home? Let me know in the comments down below! Also, don’t forget to share this on Facebook!

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