Tables in Wonderland

Tables in Wonderland

What exactly is Tables in Wonderland? More importantly, is it worth it? Let’s get into the basics of this “membership”.

Tables in Wonderland is an additional cost, I am sure you guessed that one. The cost is $150 for Disney Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members, $175 for Florida residents. If you do not meet the above criteria I would bet this card would not be a good investment for you. To make this card worthwhile you need to visit Disney Multiple times a year or eat at a lot of sit down dinners when you visit. This is only available in Walt Disney World not at Disneyland.

Lapu Lapu, Tambu Lounge

The membership lasts approximately one year from the date of purchase. This card provides the holder and up to 10 guests up to 20 % off dining at participating locations including alcohol. The entire party has to be included on the same bill and the ower of the card has to pay. We have had this “membership” for a few years and have found this rule to be somewhat flexible. Sometimes the server would split the bill for us, somethings they would let someone else pay the bill.

If you have a reservation at a participating resort of Disney Springs area restaurant you also receive the benefit of free valet parking. This can come in handy in all sorts of situations.

The card automatically includes 18% gratuity. Hopefully, you would leave some sort of tip anyway…right?

Restaurant Marraken, Epcot

Some of our favorite lounges to use this discount include Nomad Lounge, Spice Road Table Bar, The Tambu Lounge. We also love dining at Restaurant Marrakesh, The Plaza and the food courts at the Value Resorts. Using this discount at the Value Resort is HUGE. Good variety, good portions, and great prices!

disney restaurant

Check out the official Disney site for specific information ( the fine print) and a current list of restaurants. Any other Table in Wonderlanders out there?

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