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New Films Debut at Epcot

EPCOT is in the middle of a huge transformation. A few new films made their debut at EPCOT this past weekend. The three new movies at Epcot will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Awesome Planet

Awesome PLanet

Let’s start in the Land Pavillion. On the second floor is a theater that has been closed for almost as long as I can remember. This is a deceivingly big two-story theater that can seat a large number of people. The film is approximately 10 minutes long and is titled: Awesome Planet.

the land

This film is all about Earth and the different biomes of our planet. There are some amazing visuals. The message in the film touches slightly on conservation. I really enjoyed the film and so did my family ( boys 8 and 6 to remind you). This is a great spot to head to cool off or wait out a Florida rain shower.

The Beauty and Beast Sing- Along

Beauty and the Beast

This film is found in the France Pavillion in the same theater as Impressions de France. This “take” on Beauty and Beast is approximately 14 minutes long. Without spoiling the movie, there is a bit of a spin on the original animated cartoon. In my opinion, this is not half as fun as the Frozen Sing-along over at Hollywood Studios. To be honest my six year old expected there to be people on stage. The songs are a little more slow-paced and my kids and I did not know them quite as well. The lobby now has an exhibit dedicated to the costumes of Frech theater as well.

Canada Far and Wide

Canada FAr and Wide

This film replaces the previous 360 circle vision film in the Canada Pavillion. This film takes us on a journey all over Canada. The film is beautiful and it made me and my husband want to book a family trip to Canada. This film is better than the previous 360 films. Canada Far and Wide focuses on the landscape and cityscapes of Canada and does not show the new narrators on screen. There are still some jokes to move the film along. It kept the attention of both my kids. If you have never been to the theater in Canada it is worth it just to walk back there and check out this beautiful pavilion.

All in all, I think these films are a great addition to EPCOT. They may not be rope drop worthy but certainly, something to do to escape the heat or the rain or get off your feet ( The 360 theater in Canada only has lean rails).

Let me know what you think when you see the new movies at Epcot!

new movies at Epcot

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