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Behind the Seeds Tour Review: Epcot in Disney World

Behind the Seeds: We love Epcot and my husband and kids absolutely love the Living with the Land attraction. Every time we ride ( which is every time we visit) we see people walking around behind all the plants. Every time we see this my husband declares, “we have to take that tour!”

So I finally did it and I booked the tour as a gift for my husband. As far as tours go I feel like this one is a bargain. The cost of this tour is $25 for guests 10+ and $20 for 3-9 years of age. There is also a 15% discount for DVC members, annual passholders, Disney Visa cardholders, AAA etc. The cost of the tour for the four of us was around $75. The age listed is 3 and up. However, I will say my 7 year old loved the tour…my 5-year-old was a little bored halfway through.

The tour lasts around 60-75 minutes. There are several opportunities for questions which can extend the time of the tour. My husband likes to ask a lot of questions….

The tour begins backstage where you get to see a little bit of a lab with natural pest control solutions used in the greenhouse. We were all given personal headsets since the noise level throughout much of the greenhouse was loud. This is also why you can’t hear the tour while you are on the ride!

I don’t want to spoil too much of the tour so I won’t give all the fun away. There are lots of interactive elements along the tour. My second grader felt like he was on the best field trip of his life!

We were able to touch some plants and get a really close look at the different types of growing systems that are used throughout the greenhouse. The whole place is pretty impressive. They can churn out a lot of produce and I love that it is used throughout Disney property. My son was convinced ( and correct) that we were able to do a taste test and sample some of the food grown there.

Another highlight of the tour for my kids was walking behind all the fish tanks. We were all able to feed the fish in one of the tanks.

Behind the Seeds

I have to admit I felt pretty exclusive walking around on a guided tour as the boats full of other guests floated by. 3/4 Drennons loved the tour. We learned a lot about the attraction and how to grow hydroponic plants ourselves. You can take home some info on how to start your own garden using the same solutions used in the greenhouse of Epcot.

Behind the Seeds
Behind the Seeds

My final summary: Behind the Seeds is totally worth $25 to take the tour. I suggest kids 7 and older or kids super interested in plants and gardens. ( we have always had a backyard hobby vegetable garden the boys have helped with). It’s an easy walk with places to sit and rest if needed. I believe you can take a wheelchair as well. This is a great tour at a great price that gives you a backstage peak but doesn’t take up your whole day in the parks.

Behind the Seeds
Behind the Seeds

Let me know have you been Behind the Seeds? Have you taken another tour? If so leave your recommendations below. You can also find me on Instagram at @AdventuresByDrennon.

Behind the Seeds
Behind the Seeds

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