I'm a lover of all things Disney! I have an adorable son named Andy (after Toy Story), and an amazing hubby named Aaron. For my family and I, Disney isn’t just a hobby or someplace we casually go when on vacation, it's a way of life. We try to go back 'Home' twice a year. My hope for this blog is to help families navigate their crazy, magical times through Disney and reach their Disney Dream!

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    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: A Beginners Guide

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is something that my family has only just recently started to get into. I have heard about it before, but never really looked into it. I honestly thought it was just another thing that Disney wanted us to fork money over to, because a Disney vacation isn’t expensive enough, right? Well, I was very wrong! Turns out, this is a FREE activity. Not only is it free, but it’s actually a lot of fun! My 4-year-old son (and 27-year-old husband) had a blast running around Magic Kingdom on our last trip playing this game. In this article, I will explain what it is, how it works,…

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    How To Get Your Food Completly Free This Fall and Winter in Disney World!

    Free food! Now doesn’t that sound nice? Disney World has just released the HIGHLY anticipated FREE DINING of this Fall and Winter! This deal is extremely limited and only on select dates. The dates are: September 1 through September 18, 2019 November 17 through November 27, 2019 December 8 through December 23, 2019 Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts will get FREE Standard dining plan, while value resorts will get FREE Quick service dining plan. In order to get free dining, the package must include a non-discounted 5-night/6-day vacation package that includes a room at a select Disney Resort hotel and ticket with a Park Hopper Option. Sound a little confusing…

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    Disney World FastPass Guide, Tips and Trick + FREE Printable Cheat Sheet: Updated for 2020

    Disney World Fastpass Updated: February 18th 2020 Who likes standing in line, raise your hands! No one? For real? That’s shocking! (insert sarcastic font here). Chances are if you are reading this blog, you LOVE Disney or you are a Disney newbie and just trying to learn the ropes. Either way, I bet anyone who is reading this does not love standing in lines. You might (or might not) know that Disney offers this GREAT, FREE perk to its guest call FastPass! Below, I will tell you what a FastPass is, how to use it, and I will give you a FREE printable FastPass Cheat Sheet! So What is a…

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    Disney World FREE Planning Printables

    Are you the type of person that likes to have a place for everything, and everything in its place? Do you like to have everything neat and organized? Are you planning on going to Disney World sometime in the future? If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, then these Disney World Free Planning Printables are for you! I LOVE having a schedule and things all sorted out. So I figured making these Disney World Planning Printables would make life so much easier! What are these Disney World Free Planning Printables and how do they work? Well basically, these files that I have made up will help you…

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    Top 7 Crowded Park Strategies at WDW

    Top 7 Crowded Park Strategies at Disney World: Raise your hand if you like a crowded park! Anyone? No one? I didn’t think so. I am assuming most of us are not fans of places being super crowded. But the reality is, that’s just life, especially when it comes to WDW. Here my list of Top 7 Crowded Park Day Strategies at WDW. 1. Always Expect a Crowd This might sound strange, but if you expect a crowd to be there, you will be setting your expectations correctly and won’t be disappointed. Disney World these days is pretty much ALWAYS crowded, and who can blame them? Disney World is the…

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    How to Receive a Free Gift Card from WDW!

    I don’t know about you, but when I am vacationing, I usually deny daily housekeeping. I personally just am not a fan of someone cleaning my stuff and making my bed. (I hardly make my bed when I am at home, I don’t need my bed made when on vacation 🙂 ). But did you know that Disney World will give you a Free Disney gift card for denying daily house keeping? It is one of my favorite perks while staying at a Walt Disney World Resort! But not all resorts do this awesome perk (which is called “Service Your Way”). Read on for more info on how to get…

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    Movies You Should See Before Heading to WDW and Character Reference List

    About a year ago, the song “Be Our Guest” came on my Disney Pandora Station. My then three-year-old son says, “Mama, what movie is this song from?” You should have seen the look of pure horror on my face. It was at that moment that I realized I have failed as a parent. My son, who has been to Disney several times now, and even ate at the Beast’s castle (the restaurant is called Be Our Guest for crying out loud AND it’s his favorite restaurant), did NOT know that that song was from Beauty and the Beast. So, I figured I needed to correct this and make him watch…

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    Kitchen Must-Haves for the Disney Fan

    Unfortunately, I can’t make it to Disney World as much as I would like. If I could choose, I would be there every day! But since that’s not the case, I need to bring Disney to me! With Disney items sprinkled around my kitchen, my home can feel a little more like “Home”. Here are some Kitchen Must-Haves for Disney Fans! The prices that are posted were correct at the time of me posting this article. Prices can change at any moment. Also, everything was in stock when I posted this article. Again, stock can change at any moment. 1. Disney Eats Snack Bowl Set Okay, I am starting off…

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    The Magic Behind PhotoPass and Memory Maker

    They say a photo speaks a thousand words. If that’s true, then photos from a Disney Photopass Photographer must speak at least two thousand words! I don’t know how they do it, but they always seem to capture my most favorite photos of my family. My son, who I happen to think is the cutest kid in the world, just doesn’t take photos well. He’s not very photogenic. But somehow, they always capture him looking cute! In this article, I will explain what the difference is between Photopass and Memory Maker, if it’s worth you getting it for your vacation, and other need to know information.