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Mickey Ice Cream Bars Now Available Outside Disney Parks?!?

STOP EVERYTHING!! I have some super exciting news! You know the Mickey Premium Bars that we all know and love and have to get at least 10 of each trip (or is that just me?)?!? Well, it looks like select grocery stores around the country will now be selling these delectable delights! This is great news if you live about 1,150 miles from the parks (like me 🙁 ).

These limited addition boxes are here to celebrate the mouse’s 90th birthday and are themed after the Mickey: The True Original exhibition.

Each box will have 6 Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Just to give you a heads up, they are just a little smaller than the ones you can find in the parks. I’m sure that won’t take away from their taste though. These bars come in at 3 oz. each, whereas the park ones are about 4 oz. each. These are expected to roll out across the country soon.

Who’s excited to get their hands on these babies? Comment below and let me know if you will be purchasing them!

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