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Disney During COVID- Disney Springs

I was recently able to visit Disney Springs at the end of June. I’ll give you a rundown of what is happing with all the COVID precautions. Disney Springs during COVID was still a great experience.

I have to be honest. We don’t usually take the time to visit Disney Springs. We are always caught up in the hustle and bustle of the parks or time at the pool. This gave us an opportunity to check out some new shops and activities. We arrived around 10:30 on a Sunday morning.

The traffic was a little tricky as we were routed to one parking garage. We have our own car, however, I did see very few busses running. The foot traffic after exiting your car was very clearly marked. We all followed a path that led to a temperature screening area. Touchless thermometers were used to take out temps. Copious amounts of hand sanitizing stations could be found upon entry.

Since we arrived early in the morning it was pretty empty. However, around noon the crowd started to pick up.

Not every store was open. The stores that were open all had entryways marked as one-way entry and one-way exit. Most shops had hand sanitizer upon entry and someone counting the number of shoppers in the store.

We walked right into the LEGO store. Early bird gets the LEGO, but when we left the Lego shop there was quite a line to get in ( 20 people). As you can imagine all the hands-on activities at the lego shop were closed and roped off. Each shop we visited also had plenty of markers for where to stand during check out and arrows to direct the flow of traffic. Be on the lookout for these things when you visit. It took me a second to remember which way I needed to walk instead of wandering about in my usual fashion.

Disney Springs

Many of the counter service restaurants had mobile order available. We booked a sit-down lunch at Raglan Road via the OpenTable app. Everyone was spread out nicely in the restaurant. We were also lucky enough to have live music and Irish dancers during lunch. It was nice to have a cool place to sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere.

Raglan road

We also had a special treat of seeing some StormTroopers up on a balcony keeping an eye on all the shoppers. It was a fun way to interject some characters into our visit. My kids loved it.

Disney springs storm trooper

Overall I think they have done a great job with the number of precautions taken in this shopping area. At least on Sunday morning, it was much more empty then I have ever seen Disney Springs. One of the things that I actually don’t love about Disney Springs is how crowded it gets! This may be the perfect time to visit if you agree.

Mickey Plush

Are you ready to venture out to shopping centers yet? What Disney spot do you miss the most? Would you visit Disney Springs during COVID?

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Disney Springs during COVID

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