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Waldorf Astoria Orlando- Resort Review

We are slowly making the rounds of resorts in the Orlando area. Today I am going to share my Waldorf Astoria Orlando-Resort Review. This “off property” resort is as close to on property as you can get.

If you are not familiar this hotel is part of the Hilton family of resorts. A “higher end” resort that is typically not in our wheelhouse in terms of price point. Anything we are sharing with you on this site is paid for out of our own pockets. With that in mind, I am going to share with you how and why we decided to stay at this hotel.

We have used Hotels.com for a while. If you are unfamiliar Hotels.com has a loyalty program that rewards you for any hotel stay booked via their site. Following the 10th booked hotel night you receive a “free night” which is the average of the previous 10 nights. This program might be great for you if you travel infrequently or are not loyal to one particular hotel brand.

Waldorf BAr

We cashed in our “free night” and paid an additional $60 to stay at the Waldorf. This does not include the resort fee and parking fee. For us, it was still going to be a great one-night stay that we would otherwise not spring for.

Waldorf Room

This hotel is located in the Bonnett Creek area. This is close to Disney springs for a point of reference. The Hilton Bonnet Creek resort is right next door. Since they are sister resorts you are able to use the amenities at either property during your stay. This is important. I have seen the price on the Waldorf as high as $385 a night. The Hilton Bonnett Creek is a little more reasonable.

This resort provides some transportation to Disney Parks and Disney Springs. It also allows you to book fast pass reservations 60 days in advance and access extra magic hours.

Hilton Bonnet Creek Slide

The resort has some fantastic amenities: a gym, a fantastic pool, and award-winning dining. We stayed with our kids and therefore did not take advantage of the resort dining. It felt like this resort would be the perfect place for a date night or getaway week

We did enjoy the pool at the Waldorf which opened at 7 am and gave us plenty of time to swim on checkout day and have time to hit the parks. This sleek zero-entry pool has the same level of service as the rest of the hotel. A pool concierge will deck out your pool chairs with covers and leave towels. There are very appealing cabanas surrounding a smaller pool ( for an upcharge of course). Located nearby is a bar and grill. Overall this pool was very quiet. I think this is the more adult and or relaxing pool between the sister sites.

You will also have access to the lazy river at the neighboring Hilton Bonnett Creek. Here there were lots of children and adults alike lounging in the lazy river. A DJ spun some tunes and people floated along with drinks in their hands … my actual definition of paradise. They also have a waterslide in their own little area adjacent to the lazy river.

BEECH restaurant

We had lunch at the pool here. Lunch by the pool with a few cocktails for our family of four was roughly $100. Not inexpensive by any stretch. The restaurant had decent poolside drinks and poolside lunch as well. Nothing to write home about but adequate.

Waldorf Pool

The most outstanding features of the room were the huge picture window and the Nespresso machine. I can’t help it, I love a good cup of coffee in the morning. Otherwise, the room did not see more remarkable or lush than any other decent standard hotel room I have ever stayed in. I would suggest you spend your money at the sister Hilton Bonnett Creek and use the amenities at the Waldorf. Of better yet for $330+ a night stay at a deluxe Disney Resort.

A review of the sister site Hilton Bonnet Creek will be coming shortly following an upcoming stay.

Share your go-to resort/hotel in Orlando in the comments below. Where should we stay next?

Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Waldorf Astoria Orlando- Resort Review

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