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Sebastian’s Bistro-Dining Review

Lots of changes are coming to the Caribbean  Beach Resort including the new addition of Sebastian’s Bistro a new sit down restaurant on the resort property.

We had the pleasure of trying out this restaurant on a previous trip. We found the theme of this restaurant to be perfectly beachy. The colors and decor are light and airy. The colors were so light and the furniture so new and beautiful I was concerned about letting my two boys eat in such a new place! ( messy eater alert).

We stopped in for lunch. Sebastian’s Bistro was not too busy and the service was good, but certainly not fast. They take their theme to the next level and service is totally on island time. My advice would be to not expect a quick meal here. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

We decided to grab an appetizer which was a good move since I mentioned before that the service was slow. We ordered the Caribbean Pull-Apart Bread. The bread itself was delicious but the trio of embellishments is what really made this for us. The bread comes with Guava Butter, Mango Chutney and Caribbean Jerk Oil. I think we all enjoyed the Guava Butter the most.

Our kids ordered off the kid’s menu. Be warned this menu does not have the standard kid fare. No burgers or chicken nuggets here. Our oldest ordered the Jamaican Meat Pie.  It is basically like an empanada. He loved it. The kid’s meals come with two sides. He chose the pizza biscuit as a side, this biscuit reminded me of the cheese biscuit that you would find at Red Lobster, but pizza flavored.  He did not love it. The kids chose a dessert as their second side but something got lost in translation and we never received the second side.

Our other son ordered the Grilled Shrimp Skewer. He loved it but the biggest issue is that it only came with three shrimp. Not nearly enough for a 5-year-old boy.  The portion of green beans was large which helped offset the shrimp.

Mr.  Drennon ordered the crispy avocado bacon burger.   He loved this burger. The avocado on top is deep-fried and delicious. I went with the plant-based banh-mi sandwich. I love Bahn-mi and wanted to try this one out.  In complete honesty, I am an omnivore and very seldom eat plant-based alternatives. My perspective can only compare this to a similar dish made with pork. It was a good sandwich, a little on the dry side. Halfway through the sandwich, I felt like I stopped enjoying it. This may be due to the fact that the ratio of plant-based bahn-mi to picked vegetables to bread was way off. I wanted to have a bite of delicious veggies with each bite of the sandwich. The jicama slaw was delicious, but I am a huge fan of jicama to begin with.

We also sampled some of the cocktails.  I ordered Hoist the Colors. It was tasty but I thought it may come out as a fun layered drink.  Not sure what happened but it came out as just one color: purple. Mr. Drennon went with the Caribbean Mai Tai, I think he may have made the better choice.  It was much tastier than my choice.

The boys were waiting patiently for the desserts that they had chosen in the beginning. When I flagged the waitress down to let her know they were ready she brought them out two identical deserts. A scoop of vanilla ice cream inside of a Mickey-shaped bowl made out of chocolate. Very cute but not at all what they ordered or were expecting. Due to the fact that lunch was running extremely long, we did not question the mistake.

In the end, I decided to take the boys out to the playground while my husband paid the bill. ( did I mention it was a long lunch…). We were charged extra for the dessert even though it should have come with the meal. In his haste, he did not check the bill before paying.  Pro tip: always check the bill before you pay.

So final thoughts: Would we visit Sebastian’s Bistro again? I say yes if we were staying on property. However, I don’t think I would make another special trip just to eat at this restaurant.  Have you tried it out? What did you think? Let me know in the comments down below. Tag us on Instagram @Adventures_By_Drennon when you visit this spot!

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