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Dining Review-Teppan Edo

With so many places to eat around Walt Disney World property, how do you choose? I am going to give you a dining review of Teppan Edo one of our family’s favorites.

Teppan Edo is located in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. Here the meal is part delicious and part show. Hibachi style dining with a Disney twist is a big hit with adults and kids alike.

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If you are not familiar with hibachi style dining, you are seated at a communal table. When you have a larger party you may have a table to yourself. Otherwise, you will be seated with other diners. The food is cooked at the table in front of you on a very hot grill.

It is important to note that allergies can also be accommodated at this dining location. Depending on your allergy, your meal may be modified or cooked prior to everyone else’s meal. For example, if you have a seafood allergy, your meal would be prepared in its entirety prior to the rest of the diner’s food being prepared. When an allergy meal is prepared first, it is without the fanfare of the rest of the meal.

Teppan Edo

You are also able to order food that is not prepared on the hibachi grill if you choose. Main course, appetizers, sushi or dessert.

This was also a sweet place to have a birthday dinner with my oldest. They noticed his birthday button, brought him a chef hat and wrote his name on it in Japanese. Of course, they also brought him some ice cream and sang to him. He loved every second of it!

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One of the great things about this dining location is the sheer amount of food you are served. Each meal comes with rice, salad, veggies, noodles in addition to the protein of your choice. The kids meal comes with soup rather than salad and my boys love it. The price is equivalent to most sit down meals. In my opinion, this is one of the best value for your dollar meals. Make sure you come hungry.

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When the chef cooks dinner they entertain you will all sorts of theatrics. Knife tricks, jumping chicken, dancing shrimp. I find the show entertaining. It is even more magical to watch the kids see the show for the first or even the second time. If you like punny jokes and delicious food this dinner is for you!

Our dining review of Teppan Edo is complete. I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Let us know if you enjoy this restaurant as well.

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