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Top 21 Father’s Day Gifts for the Disney Loving Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching! You are going to want to be prepared ahead of time. Have no fear! I compiled a list of items that I think most Disney loving dads would love! There is something for everyone on this list! Happy shopping! Disney Father’s Day Gifts

  • The prices that are posted were correct at the time of me posting this article. Prices can change at any moment. Also, everything was in stock when I posted this article. Again, stock can change at any moment.

1. Mountains are Calling and I Must Go T-Shirt


Who doesn’t love Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain? With this shirt, dads can show off their love for all three! Priced at $15.99- $22.99. Click here to purchase!

2. Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch with Black Leather Band


Keep track of time with your favorite mouse! Priced at $20..99. Click here to purchase!

Below I will post some more Disney watches!

3. Mickey Mouse Coffee Maker With Mug


Mornings are better with coffee! And what better way to start your morning than with coffee made in a Mickey Mouse coffee maker? This single cup coffee maker will for sure start your day on the right foot! Priced at $18.79. Click here to purchase!

4. Mickey Mouse Hardcover Journal


Taking notes on paper just feels better than typing it out. This journal is perfect for any note taking that needs to be done! Priced at $14.95. Click here to purchase!

5. Mickey Hat


For the dad that wants to show their love for Mickey in a simpler way! This hat is for them! Priced at $12.26. Click here to purchase!

Below I will post more hats!

6. Star Wars Messenger Bag


This bag is perfect for any Star Wars lover! It has a large main compartment that can fit laptops, papers, clothing, light-sabers and more!. There is an inside zipper pouch great for car keys and wallets too. Priced at $42.99. Click here to purchase!

7. Avengers Wallet Phone Case

Avengers assemble! Your dad will love to show off his love for Marvel with this phone case! Not only is it a great phone case, but it is also a wallet and a phone stand! Priced at $10.99. Click here to purchase!

8. Mickey Mouse Cuff Links


Help your dads show off their Disney style with these Mickey Mouse cuff links! It comes in two colors: Silver and gold. Priced at $12.99. Click here to purchase!

9. Disney Monopoly


Anything is better with a Disney twist, and that goes for Monopoly too! This classic game gets ‘Disney-fied’ that the whole family can enjoy together! Priced at $24.99. Click here to purchase!

There is also a Star Wars version too!

10. Star Wars Waffle Iron


Jedi and Dads alike need to start their day off with Star Wars waffles! Each waffle is a 4.25″ square imprinted with a different icon including the rebel alliance symbol, Star Wars logo, X-Wing, and Millennium Falcon. Priced at $35.99. Click here to purchase!

There is a Marvel one also!

11. Lightsaber Light Up Chopsticks


Wield the Force with these amazing Lightsaber chopsticks! They come with two pairs, Light side (blue or green) and Dark Side (red). They also come with batteries with is a huge plus! Priced at $12.97. Click here to purchase!

12. Mike Wazowski Mug


Every dad needs a silly mug, and this one for sure is it! This jumbo sized ceramic mug features Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Priced at $22.21. Click here to purchase it!

Here are some other mugs that dad might like:

13. Incredible Dad Shirt


Do you have an incredible dad? Then this shirt is for him! This shirt is great for Fathers Day, a trip to Disney World, or just to let your Dad know how Incredible he is. Priced at $17.95-$24.95. Click here to purchase!

14. Hidden Mickey Book


Have you ever noticed that there are TONS of hidden Mickeys around Disney World? Well, now you and your dad can work together and find them all with the help of this book! Priced at $10.87. Click here to purchase!

15. Disney Rides Art Prints- Set of 4


How cool is this artwork? This artwork for sure will brighten up any Disney lovers day. This is the perfect Disney Father’s Day Gifts. This comes in a set of 4. The frames are not included. Priced at $18.96. Click here to purchase!

16. Lightweight Water resistant Backpack


Okay, so this isn’t exactly Disney themed, but this is a great backpack for the dad that likes to go to the parks! It’s ultra lightweight and water resistant Perfect for park days! It also comes in so many colors too! Priced at $15.99. Click here to purchase!

17. Millennium Falcon LEGO Set


I know it says ages 9-14, but aren’t dads just big kids at heart anyway? This is also a great activity to do along with your dad!. This set has 1414 pieces and includes 6 minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Qi’ra, Lando Calrissian, Quay Tolsite, a Kessel Operations Droid, plus a DD-BD droid. Priced at $118.99. Click here to purchase!

18. Mickey Apron


Fathers Day= Grilling season! For the dads that love to cook (and love Disney) ,this is a great gift for them! Priced at $14.99. Click here to purchase!

Here is an R2-D2 and a Darth Vader apron for that Star Wars fan.

19. Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers


Must have kitchen item for the Star Wars fan! It comes with a Darth Vader pepper shaker and a Storm Trooper salt shaker. Priced at $19.95. Click here to purchase!

20. Groot Pencil Holder


“I am Groot!”. This cute pencil holder will look awesome on any desk! Also, it doubles as a flower pot. There really isn’t anything much cuter than this. Priced at $8.99. Click here to purchase!

21. Mickey Clock


What a great clock for the Micky loving dad! This clock runs on 1 AA battery, which is not included. Priced at $14.39. Click here to purchase!

So there you have it! There is for sure something for every Disney loving dad on here! Are you getting something off this list? If so, let me know in the comments below! If you purchase it, share a picture of your Disney Father’s Day Gifts on Instagram and tag me @DisneyDreamCo so I can see it!

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