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    Crash Course on Surviving Disney World With a Toddler or Baby

    Disney World with a Toddler: I’m going to be honest here… Toddlers are hard! They aren’t babies anymore, but there are not big kids yet. They are kind of in the weird in-between stage where you can’t wait for them to grow up, but, at the same time, you keep asking yourself where the time has gone. It’s an emotional rollercoaster all around! So, taking toddlers to the happiest place on earth is no small task. I am past the toddler stage (thank goodness), so I feel like someone might be able to learn from my trials and errors. In this article, I hope to show you how worth it…

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    Great Activities To Do at WDW that Also Make Awesome (and FREE) Souvenirs

    FREE. Who doesn’t love something that is free? I am a self-proclaimed cheap-o and LOVE when I see that I can get something for free. I feel like I am wasting money if I don’t do whatever the free thing is. Anyway, I figured coming up with a list of activities in Disney that give you free souvenirs would be great! So here we go! I hope you enjoy this list! 1. Collecting Stickers Around the Parks Who doesn’t love stickers? Collecting stickers is a fun, neat way to bring back some free souvenirs and make a fun activity out of it! Depending on what park you are in, and…

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    How to Keep You and Your Family Cool and Survive the Heat in Disney World

    Keep Cool in Disney: I often hear people ask, “If I go to Disney World this month or that month, how will the temperature be?”  And I have the answer for you! It will be HOT. No matter what, you will experience hot portions of the day. Especially if you are from a northern state like me. Anything above 70 seems to be hot. And then there is my son. He is a sweaty mess if the temperature gets above 50. Actually, he sweats no matter what the temperature is.  So here I have compiled a list of things that will help you keep you and your children as cool…

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    Kim’s Skip List: It’s Tough to be a Bug

    Just because I love Disney, it doesn’t mean I love every attraction, show, or treat Disney has to offer. My skip list is about those park attractions I’d pass up. It’s not all negativity here, though — I offer up an alternative I’d much rather do instead! When it comes to It’s Tough to be a Bug, I’d rather do anything else. Anything. Including sitting and counting back from 7000 by 14s.

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    Tackling Disney with Food Allergies

    So you have been dreaming of a Disney Vacation? Does tackling Disney with food allergies seem overwhelming? Does someone in your family have one food allergy dietary restriction or more? Then this article and Disney are for you. Disney has a reputation for handling food allergies well and for good reason.  The staff at each food location are well trained and able to help with any questions you may have. Read more about Disney Festivals with allergies and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party with allergies here. Each quick service location has an allergy-friendly menu that you can view to get an idea of single allergy options ( dairy, egg,…

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    Taking a Last-Minute Trip to WDW! (Plus Tips and Tricks)

    Last Minute Trip to Disney: Let me start this article by saying, in some of my past articles I have suggested booking your trip waaayyy in advance (like a year in advance if you can), so this post might seem a little contradictory. Although I still suggest booking your Disney vacation as soon as you possibly can, booking a last minute trip is still very possible! I know, because I just did it! It all started when my husband was going away to sunny San Diego for a business trip (we live in CT by the way). Also, business trips for him are very fun. I wanted to do something…

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    Your Kid’s First Haircut at WDW

    Their first words. Their first steps. The first time they slept through the night (my son was 13 months when he finally slept through the night…and yes, I’m just a little bitter about that…). As a parent, there are a lot of “firsts” that we remember. One of the memorable firsts is their first haircut. And what can make it more magical than having your kid’s first haircut at Disney! I find that a lot of people don’t realize this… but did you know that there is a barber shop right on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom? It’s called the Harmony Barber Shop and it’s the cutest little place! The Harmony Barber is located near the very…

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    Dumbo – Live and in Color

    (I know. It was in color last time, too). Ever since I first heard that Disney was working on a live action Dumbo, I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival, gobbling up every piece of concept art, every teaser trailer, and every tiny clip we were teased with before Dumbo once again graced the big screen. Finally, last Saturday, I got to see my favorite Disney character take flight again, and steal away my heart once more.