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    How to Survive a Rainy Day at Disney

    Rainy Day at Disney: Let’s face it, if you are going to be at Disney for more then a couple of days, chances are that you will encounter rain at some point in your trip. And I HATE getting caught in the rain! For me, it really has to do with my hair. I have such crazy, frizzy, curly hair that takes hours to tame this beast. So, mix that in with the Florida rain and humidity and it’s NOT a pretty sight! Anyway, I try not to let the rain ruin my day. Here are some ideas that you can do to help you through a rainy day. This Rainy Day…

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    Rainy Day Epcot Activities

    Rainy Day Epcot Activities: Rain during your Disney vacation can be a bummer but it can also be wonderful. I mentioned in a previous post that we traveled to Orlando for a race and it ended up being cold and rainy. We decided to take the kids to the park for the evening despite the weather and we had almost zero wait times!