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    First Trip to Universal Studios Orlando

    We finally did it. We went took our first trip to Universal Studios Orlando, mainly to check out all of the Harry Potter Attractions. I’m going to give you my opinion on the good the bad and the comparisons to Disney. We made a few mistakes and hopefully you can learn from them. 

  • Hilton Sea World
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    Hilton Grand Vacations – Sea World

    I’m not sure about you but I’m ready to start dreaming about travel again. Part of the fun of travel for me is the planning and anticipation. I love having something to look forward too. My very last trip in March 2020 was to the Hilton Grand Vacations Sea World.

  • Disney Skip List - Muppet Vision 3D Theater
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    Disney Skip List: Muppet Vision 3D

    I love Disney six ways to Sunday, but sometimes I think my beloved conglomerate really misses the mark. In the parks, I put those attractions that don’t really tickle my fancy onto a very (especially relative to what the parks offer) short “Disney Skip List.” You can read about what landed It’s Tough to be a Bug on this list here, but in this post, we venture over to Hollywood Studios to discuss the “bizarre in a not-so-charming way” Muppet Vision 3D.

  • BoardWalk Inn - Sign
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    Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

    Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is one of 3 deluxe resorts (the other 2 are Yacht Club and Beach Club) nestled around Crescent Lake between Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway at Epcot. During each of the past 3 Augusts, Ben and I have stayed at one of these 3 gorgeous resorts, finishing our trio just a couple of weeks ago at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. This time, though, we were treated to something truly magical – a room upgrade to a 2-story loft cottage with Club Level access.

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    Top Vacations for Families

    So many places to visit … so little time is the old adage. We have been trying to visit a new destination each summer with our kids. Sometimes we make it further down the road then others. I am going to share my top 8 bucket list vacations for families. I have employed the help for some other great bloggers who I am living vicariously through, and are some of my travel inspirations. Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Contributed by Francine at PixieDustFan.com Ok, so the Beach Club is a bit of a cheat. I have been there for one glorious night. I need to go back. Francine lays out…

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    How to choose the right Disney Resort

    How to Chose a Disney Resort: How in the world do you choose the right Disney resort? There are many factors to consider when deciding what resort to choose for your Disney vacation. I am going to walk you through so things to consider before you make your decision. Of course for most of us, price is ultimately a factor. So lets set that aside for a minute and consider all the other things that we may want to think about in a resort.

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    A Complete Guide to MagicBands

    To me, MagicBands are basically magic. I mean, it says it all in the name! You technically don’t need MagicBands while visiting Walt Disney World. but it does make your life a whole lot easier. And I am 100% for making life easier. Here is a complete Guide to MagicBands! 1. What are MagicBands? I am so glad you asked! (I am just going to assume that you asked). Anyway, MagicBands are the most magic-filled jewelry that you will ever own. They are bracelets that use RF technology to store your specific information. You match them up (“Mickey to Mickey” as you will hear Castmembers say) to various touch points…