Map of Epcot Walt Disney World

Epcot Map: Walt Disney World

Nicole Ellington

Epcot Map: One of the most important things to do to get yourself ready for a Disney vacation, (especially those who have never been or haven’t been in a few years) is to go over a map! Disney World is HUGE! And you will greatly benefit from getting yourself familiarized with the layout.

Epcot is currently going through some major changes in preparations for their 50th anniversary! So now, more then ever, is it important to make sure you are familiar with this ever-changing park. Below will be the most recent map. I will update it as the times change.

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Click here or the photo below to download the PDF of Epcot Map!

Here are the Maps for the other parks also:

Epcot Map: Do you have any photos of you and your family at Epcot? Tag me at DisneyDreamCo on Instagram! I would love to see them! Also, tell me in the comments below how you feel about Epcot. Do you love the park? Do you skip it when visiting Walt Disney World? Tell me your thoughts in the comments down below!